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Thailand: Overseas Returnees whose troubles will Chinese job easily – Beijing, no matter from which country, where to study, people have only one purpose — to win a better future. In recent years, the number of foreign students and returnees in China are growing rapidly. When the "student guidance" "returnees employment guide" frequently appear in the domestic media and the Internet, in our neighbours, and returned overseas was also the local social concern and a hot topic. The day before, "youth reference" reporter interviewed in China studying foreign returnees, trying to understand the employment situation of students and their neighbors. Thailand returnees: it is easy to find a job in the Chinese language in April this year, the Ministry of Education announced the national student data in China in 2015. The report shows that China received from 202 countries, 390 thousand students, ten students were in the United States, South Korea, Thailand, India, Russia, Pakistan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia and france. Among them, South Korea, India, Pakistan and Kazakhstan 4 countries have increased the number of students. The Ministry of Education said that foreign students in stable coverage, "The Belt and Road along the country has become an important force for studying in china. Another group of noteworthy data is that the main body of foreign students from the government scholarships to students at their own expense to study abroad, the current account for 89.79% of the total number of students studying abroad. And Chinese students choose to study in the United States and other countries, foreign students to study in China, the map is also a better development in the future. Thailand lad Chen Shurong has deep experience, China to study abroad, and let him return the development of automatics. Speaking of 9 years ago, the decision to study in China, Chen Shurong still lamented that this is the father’s vision". "My father is Chinese and my mother is Thai, so I’m not a pure thai. Father taught us from the novel Chinese that the future of China must be strong, Thailand next to China, do not understand Chinese will suffer. In view of this, we have been sent to China 3 siblings." He told reporters on the youth reference. 2007, Chen Shurong came to China, after the entrance of foreign students to successfully enter the Chinese Department of Peking University. In 7 years of study abroad life, Chen Shurong has served as the chairman of the Thailand student union of the two. He believes that when studying extensively into the local life circle, make friends with local friends is very important, he himself has many Chinese friends. Do let him know more about the local customs and practices China, more importantly, brought wonderful transnational love for him. When reading, Chen Shurong met his wife now – with the North China Institute of foreign language education in Chongqing, the book is a book. After graduation in 2014, the couple returned to live together in Thailand. Last fall, their "love crystallization" small tree was born in Bangkok, Chen Shurong affectionately called the child is a descendant of Thai sheep". Chinese Education Department data show that, with the development of Chinese economy in recent years, and exchanges with the Southeast Asian countries gradually increased, more and more students to study in Southeast Asia, including Thailand students rose the most obvious. Chen Shurong said he was 7 years of study in Beijing university.相关的主题文章: