The 132519.10 gold and silver under weak crude oil shock rebound EIA noreply

The 132519.10: gold and silver under weak crude oil shock rebound Sina EIA fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sometimes we may need to find profit 2% painstakingly, but almost at a loss of 2% in the twinkling of an eye. The loss is just double the money, get back to earn two times the need to earn money. Money itself has made your guts smaller, lose confidence in their decision-making ability, the urgent need to make you become profitable and not blindly calm, in this case the gambling mentality will aggravate, again wrong may be further improved, and more dangerous. Therefore, it is very important not to make or lose money to investors, especially in the market is not sure of the moment to bear in mind. The next day the stock market, the U.S. market has set off a wave of decline at midnight. The evening of gold has been suppressed in the vicinity of 1325, U.S. shocks go slow down at midnight, the lowest in the 1315 line, broke the previous low of 1320, refresh lows, according to the H4 Lianyin out of short movements, morning gold straight down out a trend of decline, or that according to the disc plunge is not good deal do not follow the trend, the early support remained at 1310-1308 below the weekly unchanged today gold short trend, with two days to go the decline at the beginning of the week, the bears are basically in place, pressed above in the 1320-1325 today, large interval in 1325-1308, with the rebound in the short. The silver plate also fell last night to the morning wave, but no refresh lows, similarly, silver remain in the range of 18.50-19.10, today the ambush in the near 18.50 more than a single. Crude oil market in the midnight 44.80-45.45 concussion, closing line in the vicinity of 45.20 days at the slow rise of crude oil, 45.50-45.80, rose again broken 45.80, predict Dumbledore evening EIA data on the 47.30-44 interval. A more timely market contact shanhaiguan! The recent market volatility of gold point test of patience, go all day long Monday market shocks, Midnight Rose Tuesday all day long market shocks, midnight fell, rose on Monday pulled gold only 1332 emotional force technology in the daily Doji candle gold bulls only near 1338, but Tuesday midnight market makes gold Powei 1320, refresh low, the lowest in the 1315 line, is characterized by market volatility, long time, midnight market trend more accidents. The gold in 1320 after the break of the low state, the daily cycle or in shock triangle trend in the trend of low, below the support remained in the weekly Bollinger rail support near 1310-1308, this week also support this trend point, gold does not break 1310-1308, have the opportunity to rise, if broken, the second half of September time look, the weak gold to around 1283. In today’s market, gold trading plunged to 1313 after the try for the rapid rise to around 1322, the emergence of a wave of low in the morning相关的主题文章: