The ball was the first half of the performance of Hui technology face independent director to abstai

The ball was the first half of the performance of Hui technology face independent director to abstain from voting hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu Securities Times reporter Wan Qian "who Hui ball?" Hui ball technology (600556) the original actual controller, the former chairman of the board of directors Gu Guoping resignation, the focus of attention of the market and regulators. The day before, Hui ball technology is the Shanghai Stock Exchange to suspend the implementation of information disclosure through the car business qualification, suspension and other measures, and suspicion of the disclosure of information by the Commission to initiate an investigation of illegal. The evening of August 29th, Hui ball technology to disclose semi annual report, but the report had independent director Liu Shilin’s "give up voting"; in August 29th, the board of supervisors Dong Xuelian Hui ball technology workers and supervisors to resign, as the supervisor is a young man was born in 1990 and Gu Yuan; before the August 26th, the board of supervisors and 3 supervisors "sound" requirements, the board of directors of the company, the Secretary of the board of directors and securities on behalf of the immediate rectification and correct the existence of problems in information disclosure. Independent director to abstain from voting Hui ball technology be scheduled semi annual disclosure, but the experience of independent director Liu Shilin "to abstain from voting". Liu Shilin believes that professional auditors should be hired for semi annual report of professional audit. Liu Shilin began in December 29, 2014 as an independent director of ball technology. The same day, Gu Guoping controlled Shanghai Feixun Communication Co. Ltd (hereinafter: Shanghai Feixun) under the number of directors or executives together into the Hui ball technology board or the board of supervisors. Statistics show that since March 2009 Liu Shilin served in the school of media and design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Currently there are 5 members of the board of directors, including 3 independent directors and 2 independent directors. In addition to Liu Shilin, the independent director of the board of directors in, also entered the Hui ball technology board in December 29, 2014. Statistics show that Li Zhanguo has been working in Shanghai Dian Ji University since August 2003, engaged in financial management teaching. Another independent director Liu Guangru, is in May 23rd this year to enter the board, he is still Beijing Dacheng (Wuhan) law firm partner, deputy director of the Ministry of finance. It is reported that in May 23rd of this year, Hui ball technology non independent directors and independent directors, Wang Zhonghua Zhang Lingxing took the authorities can resign, and succeed to become non independent directors, who was born in 1988 Dong Wenliang, who was born in 1987 in Wen Lihua. Dong Wenliang had been president of the integration of technology and management assistant Hui Yang, former president of law and technology, the former assistant to the president. Note that the departure of Wang Zhonghua and Zhang Lingxing are from Shanghai to fiji. July 18th, Gu Guoping resigned as chairman and general manager of Hui ball technology, in July 20th, Gu Guoping resigned as director of science and technology and other positions. Succeed Gu Guoping as chairman of the aforementioned young director Dong Wenliang. But after Gu Guoping, Hui ball technology board has no members served in the Shanghai fiji. After taking over supervisor theory相关的主题文章: