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The battle of Xiangjiang Xinxu zujizhan Red Army Martyrs Memorial: eighty years end rest Beijing wine sea wells Red Army martyrs mausoleum was opened. Photo by Ou Huilan Li Tianyou founding general’s son Li Yabin (right) finishing ribbon for basket. Photo by Ou Huilan local young pioneers at the Red Army martyrs mausoleum and flowers. Ou Huilan photo Beijing, Guilin on 30 September, (Ou Huilan) "Red Army martyrs uncles, you can rest in the spirit of the deceased today, our motherland will be more beautiful." In September 30th, the red thirty-four division 100 regiment survivor Han Wei the son of Han Jingjing here. The battle of Xiangjiang Guanyang Xinxu zujizhan Red Army martyrs memorial ceremony held in China Memorial day. The founding general Li Tianyou’s son Li Yabin, red thirty-four division 100 regiment survivor Han Wei’s son Han Jingjing as the Reds offspring, as well as the local cadres of people attended the memorial ceremony. "80 years, our Red Army martyrs have finally found a home." Han Jingjing said in an interview, the red thirty-four division of thousands of martyrs of the blood of this piece of land in Guanyang, thank you very much for the Guanyang folks did not forget these Red Army martyrs, the Red Army was not forgotten Guanyang left them with the revolutionary spirit, long march spirit. 28 this month, the Red Army scattered in Guanyang County in Guilin city of Guangxi more than 80 years of Long Xin Wei zujizhan first buried the remains of the martyrs to qianzang wine sea wells Red Army martyrs mausoleum. A local official said that the future will continue to organize manpower, the scattered burial in the territory of the Red Army martyrs 80 years to focus qianzang Memorial park. The fifth came to Guanyang, Li Yabin said, in recent years, Guanyang county government has done a lot of work for the Red Army memorial, built the martyrs cemetery, Xinxu zujizhan Museum, the martyrs can finally rest in peace. "We must guide the descendants of parents with the Red Army style, deeds and the spirit of education, to carry forward the spirit of the Red Army be handed down from age to age." From 1931 to 1934, the three after Guanyang, especially the Central Red Army in Guanyang, in Guanyang County for more than more than and 10 days of bloody battles, there are more than 6000 Red Army soldiers heroic sacrifice. Occurred in Guanyang County, the battle of Xiangjiang three battle of Xinxu battle, the first battle is the three battle, a war is the most difficult and the most intense. Guanyang county Party committee secretary Lu Guidi, held memorial activities is to cherish the memory of martyrs of the heroic deeds, inherit the revolutionary tradition. The construction of the battle of Xiangjiang Guanyang Xinxu zujizhan Jiuhai wells Memorial Park, will be buried in the Red Army on the remains of scattered folk wine to sea wells martyrs, including thirty-four children in red division at the expense of Guanyang, is the best memory of revolutionary martyrs and memorial. He said that after the completion of the Memorial Park, the world will become an important place in history, the long march to pay tribute to revolutionary martyrs, has become an important base for the education of patriotism and revolutionary tradition education. Guanyang will accelerate the "battle of Xiangjiang Xinxu battle site" series of red tourism projects, promote red culture tourism industry development, the comprehensive poverty alleviation. (end)相关的主题文章: