The Bucks would give Monroe Maikawei exposure with the king to discuss for buckle (video)-candle june

The Bucks would give Monroe Maikawei exposure with the king to discuss a team of a NBA button will change the movie: three bucks gold Hunter warriors straight road end Tencent sports in October 7th according to ESPN news reporter Zach Lowe revealed that the Milwaukee bucks to clean up Greg Monroe or "best new show" Maikawei in one person, they also has discussed the kings and transactions, trying to get the 23 year old star Ben Mike Lermo, to make up for Chris Middleton injured bring vacancy. Mike Lermo in the Bucks before the start of the new season training camp, Chris – but accidentally injured, but also because it is necessary to accept the left leg muscle injury repair surgery, is expected to be six months’ time for a truce of. Middleton’s injury had a huge impact on the bucks and they had to look for alternatives. It is reported that the Bucks has decided to give up one of Monroe or Maikawei in the replacement by trading for Middleton. Monroe and the bucks "break up" is just a matter of time before this summer, his name and a lot of trade rumors together, the recent news that the Hornets also tried to use a combination of lamb and Spencer Hawes to trade Monroe. Monroe is 26 years old this year, starting from the occupation career last season for the first time on behalf of the piston, the Bucks play, played 79 games, including 67 games as a starter, averaging 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds and 2.3 assists, while the occupation career before the five season, Monroe played a total of 457 games, field can get 14.5 points and 9.1 rebounds and 2.3 assists. But Monroe’s defense is a big weakness last season, when Luo is present, the Bucks every 100 rounds to lose 4.3 points. The Bucks coach Jason – said the new season, Monroe will leave the starting lineup, as the team’s sixth man. Micah Wei is the first round of the 2013 eleventh rookie, due to outstanding performance in his rookie season, Makawe won the 2011-12 season rookie of the year, when the season was named rookie first team. Makawe last season for the bucks to play 54 games, including the first served as the first game, the game will be able to send out 11.5 points and 5.1 rebounds and 5.2 assists, but because of the hip surgery, Makawe early last season, reimbursement. The 23 year old Mike Lermo, he is the first round of the 2013 7 show, the Secretary shooting guard, exercise capacity and power is outstanding, in 2014 the dunk contest leap O’neal flip, stunning the world. Mike Lermo averaged 7.8 points and a total of 2.2 rebounds per game last season, making the data a little disappointing compared to the previous season. But Mike Lermo three points last season hit the ball to reach a record high of 36.2%. () ()相关的主题文章: