The challenge in Japan won the fifth flat Aosheng the worst record won the Asian Cup qualification –

The challenge in Japan won the fifth flat Aosheng the worst record won the Asian Cup qualification – [introduction] sports Sohu Beijing time on September 19th – 2016 Asian Basketball Challenge in Iran’s capital Tehran to continue, in fifth, six of the game, Chinese Olympic men’s basketball team to a 75-67 victory over Japan, won the fifth place, even the worst in history Hu Jinqiu looked at the record, two pairs of 18+16 large. Source: tiqiu recommended reading: basketball four years four time or 41 or five Asian former overlord without obvious advantage then technical statistics of the game, 44 rebounds for the 27 Olympic team advantage, the hit rate by 44% to 37% in Japan, Hu autumn contributed 18 points and 16 rebounds, Liu Zhixuan 17 points and 4 assists, Zhao Yanhao 12, the original 8 handsome faxus, 6 points and 5 rebounds, Tao Hanlin 6 points, 6 points and 6 rebounds Yuchen zou. The competition focus of Asian Basketball Challenge is the predecessor of the Asian Cup Basketball Tournament, a total of 12 teams participated in the Asian challenge before the 5 to the 5 teams in the division to win the Asian Cup next year (the original Championship) an additional quota. After the Olympic men’s basketball team has lost to India and Iraq, with only 6 wins and 2 losses ranked fifth, even the worst record of the tournament. Prior to the Chinese team took part in the two games, respectively, in 2012 and in 2014 to get fifth and fourth. The first section of the game after the match began, Hu Jinqiu has hit, the Japanese team hiejima Shen layups, both sides start to draw 2-2. Zou Yuchen hit two free throws after the Olympic team leading 6-4, followed by a large range of Zou Yuchen moving the ball assists Liu Zhixuan hit three points, the Olympic team 9-4 has opened the score difference. Since the Olympic team has maintained a 5 point lead on, before the end of the first quarter, the Japanese team? Straight hit three points, the Olympic team 18-15 lead with 3 points at the end of the first quarter. The game in the second quarter, faxus attack after walking, the Japanese team back to score, the score to 17-18 only 1 points. After the suspension of the Olympic team played a 6-0 offensive, after Tao Hanlin hit into the basket, the Olympic team 24-17 to stabilize the situation. Both sides of this section the hit rate is still not high, the Olympic team to maintain a slim lead, before the end of the first half, the original handsome three hits, the Olympic team the first half 34-27 7 points ahead of the Japanese team. After the break, the game continues, Liu Zhixuan Tupofenqiu, Hu Jinqiu follow-up layup, Olympic team leading 36-27. Zou Yuchen attack the basket to get a foul, then hit two free throws, the Olympic team 40-30 will divide the difference to two digits for the first time opened. Zhao Yanhao hit three points, the Olympic team leading 46-38, Hu Jinqiu took the offensive rebounds, assists Liu Zhixuan in long shot, the end of the third quarter, the Olympic team 53-42 with a 11 point lead into the final one. The last day, Zhao Yanhao back in the emergency stop shot hit three points, then the basket into Hu Jinqiu, Olympic team leading 61-47. But after a sudden change in the situation on the field, the Japanese team 4 minutes during a 12-0 attack, after naturalized players Brown hit two free throws, the score.相关的主题文章: