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The horror film "Morgan" exposure to formal notice of variation show violent entertainment Magic – Sohu horror film "Morgan" issued a formal notice of "1 minutes and 25 seconds, Morgan" the script was nominated for the "Hollywood blacklist", is a theme of the novel and bold works Sohu entertainment news (text Da Zi) by Hollywood director Ridley Scott personally served as producer, the son of Luke Scott’s science fiction horror film "Morgan", today released the official trailer for 1 minutes and 25 seconds. The opening of the trailer looks very warm – a cute little girl has a very happy childhood, in a family full of laughter, she grew up a little. But the atmosphere very quickly turned down, girl trapped in a laboratory where the scientists suspected that surrounded her, soon, the character variation of young woman exposed to violence and terrible, bloody terror ensued. "Morgan" is actually a small cost of sci-fi thriller, the film tells the story of a company’s risk management consultant, was sent to a secret lab, the evaluation of a "artificial person", finally to decide whether this person will get rid of the story. Now, in the course of the investigation, the "man" has brought endless trouble. From the point of view of the story, the pattern of the film is somewhat similar to last year’s great reputation of science fiction film "mechanical Ji". Before the film actress Kate Mara because one of the popular drama "house of cards" popular. In the film, eerie forest, empty chamber operation, suggesting that there are bad things to happen. Kate Mara: "are you Morgan?" A shiver all over though not cold. Two years ago, Morgan’s screenplay was nominated for the Hollywood blacklist, is a novel theme of bold works, after being found and made into a film by Scott. The film will be in September 2nd this year landed in North American cinemas, is expected to become a horror genre this year at the box office in the small is big.相关的主题文章: