The mechanic 2 first weekend break 150 million top champion deflagration

"The mechanic" 2 first weekend break 150 million wins the title "2" screen deflagration mechanic is hit in October 21st by Jason ·, sexy guy; Stenson starred in the Hollywood action blockbuster "mechanic 2: Resurrection" national release. In its first weekend box office exceeded 150 million, and in three consecutive days in a single day box office champion score chasing, into a booster following the action movie "the Mekong River action" again after the downturn this year as the shadow of the city. At the same time the movie reputation burst caused by viewing frenzy, fans were Jason · Statham tough blasting hormone. The fans’ enthusiasm and inspiration, the film row piece rate continues to rise, a trend which cannot be halted. First weekend Stenson won the hardcore action style sought after half a month ago, "the Mekong River action" to achieve a beautiful counterattack at the box office in 2016. The audience was surprised to find that have not been seen in the cinema in real tough film, not only starring hormone explosion, masculine handsome cute, fierce fierce, sincere to the meat of the hardcore action style is highly sought after, Jason · Stenson and the "Mechanics" series of near perfect meet these two points. Mechanic: 2 "Resurrection" and deliver the goods, Jason · Stenson played in the film ruthless killer darling, since October 21st the first day of release, the ruthless killer tough Tu list, with 52 million top the box office, contributed 50.5% of the box office in 27.9% row piece for the film market on Friday, Saturday, Sunday is still unabated, released 44 hour break million, the first weekend box office total of over 150 million yuan, up in the shadow of the city downturn downturn, successfully aroused the audience’s enthusiasm. In the film, Jason · Stenson’s killer Arthur · Bishop already retired, but was the fate of the enemy is biting, even holding his first sight of his girlfriend Gina. In desperation, had to return to the old bishop, to kill again reach the peak of perfection skills, completing one seemingly impossible task. In addition to the common cold weapon and Kung Fu, hot weapon is also good at all, especially the "mechanic" unique organ skill, and he has a talent for immortality, let the audience in the viewing process followed hard over the addiction. Deadly gun, knife with blood and flames of the action scenes, let the viewing pleasure upgrade. Jason · Stenson took the knife poised tough reputation continued fermentation of netizens little meat no more sense of "Mechanics" series one of the most commendable is hard enough, so sexy! Jason · Stenson textbook like muscles available in 3D IMAX tentacles, not to mention the burnt action brought by the adrenaline hurricane viewing experience. In addition to tough Jason · Stenson, of course, there are a lot of male viewers are directed to Jessica · Alba’s spirit and beauty sexy figure to see the movie. In the film, not only a large number of Statham action, even Jessica Alba is also very ·!相关的主题文章: