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"The Mekong River action": an upgraded version of the wolf action hi turn then? The Sohu "entertainment Mekong action": Hongkong director to create the theme of National Archives film Sohu hi entertainment exclusive Zhuangao (the inverse rule), a main theme of the film, directed by Hongkong, "the Mekong River action" work achievements, the nature and the "tiger", "my war" comparison a. The "tiger" by martial arts, to get rid of the shackles, model opera is top grade; "my war" slogan was tied to the big bang guns half, and finally became noisy, is high; "the Mekong River action" between the two, less than the ratio of strong. Sailing on the sea at the helm, the film director is on. In the type of experience, Tsui Hark experienced into fine, can put the proposition to reverse their own good track; what Peng Shunmei war film experience, then "my war" the job is forced into battle, and steal some horror, action film tricks, also in the local can spark a whole mess; starting point. "The Mekong River action" temperament fierce, the scene is hot rash and too much in haste, and it is the preservation of the style of Lin Chaoxian. Its problems, but also more of Lin Chaoxian’s old problems. In front of the action scenes buried Meng dry, a drive over the Korean style, masks, mami, cars and aircraft, shooting, melee, the others have. The director and the actors’ professionalism, seems to be laid on the screen, let people feel shy to blame. Can not say that the action is not qualified, the tension and excitement is not, in fact, it is a scene of bustling activity effort, than the domestic average is much higher, regarded as the conscience. But at the same time bring the impression, it passed, too far. Hi action, full of music, in the empty text against people can not help but tired. Before the wind is "broken", athletics scene is imposingly, other links, all in the air. This is the catch drug drug team, framework. Plot focus, mainly in how to catch on. Fang Xinwu (Eddie Peng) is an undercover, his role will be light or dark, flexible space, history, status quo comparison of stereo. Although the full routine, but whatever the outcome is a dramatic appeal of the characters. Gao Gang (Zhang Hanyu) is a national regular army, carved screen is relatively narrow, up to the point of moderation of the character line. As with a drug deal led, almost is Yang Zirong and the "tiger" appendage. He is in the team of Chinese and foreign, "Bao", other players are Bing Bing, Na Zha, Dashuai, Erlang etc.. As their nickname function, their role, a character without soul, there is no character charm. The villain, gang name, has a different distinction, and is the leader of madness like IQ, often not online. The human nature is complex, the formidable present, also points to several is trained to kill the machine child to complete. The gangster confrontation, one was ordered to arrest a hard, resistant, hard until the end. Why is it so simple and rude? Lin Chaoxian revealed in an interview that the actual process of catch drug than the movie turns much richer, film length is limited, so he spent the most part of the energy, is that all can use the material into a film of the action in the environment, and then close rhythm show)相关的主题文章: