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"The Mekong River action" cumulative breaking six hundred million at the box office of "counter attack" – Sohu "entertainment Mekong action" cumulative box office exceeded six hundred million Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng entertainment Sohu bursting hormones produced by the Bona film group, Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Chen Baoguo, Sun Chun, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong and other stars of the Mekong "the river action", since September 30th since the release, users will be known as the "National Archives only ‘inverse fall’ film". Single day box office and attendance continued to lead with the schedule of other films, yesterday cumulative box office exceeded six hundred million. The movie "the Mekong River action" reputation, not only to achieve a counter attack on the road at the box office during the National Day holiday, still do not heat, almost the single day box office total box office 50%, the cumulative box office success exceeded six hundred million more than yesterday. Some of the audience on the Mekong River, the clear expression to resolutely safeguard the rights and interests of each citizen’s property and the principle of duty is very moving. In this regard, in winter Bona film group president said: "from the film market, hoping to form a benign circulation mechanism of good movies have a good harvest, let be fans of films and IP with partial return to normal market orientation, so China film really have bigger and stronger hope; and from selfishness, hope all China the audience should see this movie, see what is China movie industry at this stage the level of work, see what is called Yang Wei of china." "The Mekong River action" adapted from a true case of "10.5 Golden Triangle Chinese crew were killed in the incident, some of the audience after viewing the film in addition to give domestic producers, evaluate the effect of Hollywood", because Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng’s anti narcotics police hunt plot to see the "risk behind the peace spirit of how many unknown hero for us to pay". At the same time, as the film in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Australia and other countries aggressively.相关的主题文章: