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The Ministry found Linyi girl cheated death involved two tuition number – Beijing ministry news: Recently, the death of media coverage of the Shandong city in Linyi Province, a girl cheated tuition, I was shocked and sad, immediately carry out verification work has been verified the number one is much special (Beijing) communication technology Co. Ltd., another number is involved in China Unicom, according to the investigation involved two numbers were registered user name information. I took the initiative to contact the public security organs in the first time, to understand the needs of handling cases, and has been verified by the user registration information and other information in accordance with legal procedures in a timely manner to the public security organs. In recent days, the media questioned the virtual operator real name system. Since the mobile resale business pilot since, my department has always attached great importance to the virtual operator supervision work, has the real name system for virtual operators to carry out the implementation of several rounds of supervision and inspection, and take the industry internal notification, social bulletin, special interviews, ordered rectification measures to supervise the implementation of the work requirements of virtual operators. In April 7th this year, I directed the Ministry of the phone real name system to implement strict emergency problem, interviewed 3 virtual operators, the enterprise shall be ordered to immediately suspend the rectification, and this 3 virtual operators with new nuclear code resources, in the rectification in place before not open. Next, I will further increase the virtual operator supervision and management, and the implementation of real name system as virtual operators for the expansion of business scope, increase the code number of resources, issuing a formal business license item veto. Violation of the provisions of the real name system of virtual operators, I will be dealt with severely, will not be tolerated. In the implementation of the rectification in place, will not be through the business access code number, nuclear distribution, expand the business scope and other relevant approval; if the circumstances are serious, will require the corresponding basic telecom companies to suspend the code number of resources has enabled nuclear distribution; for rectification, repeated violations of the law, I will resolutely investigate and deal with, until the abolition of the qualification. We welcome the media and the public to supervise the work of my department. (CCTV reporter Sun Jiwei)相关的主题文章: