The new trend in 2017 this tasty wedding

The new trend in 2017 this tasty wedding wedding with the development of the society in the form of marriage has become increasingly diverse, grasp the new trend of the wedding, we can create a perfect, to adapt to the trend of the wedding. So let’s take a look at the new trend of the 2017 wedding. 1, the change of the theme of the wedding and the traditional wedding, the wedding of the new era more and more diverse themes, personalized. We tend to compare the trend of International Wedding theme. All kinds of color culture, breaking the previous two colors red and white wedding the autocratic concept in the use of the wedding. 2, custom wedding now more and more people, you will not be able to imagine where the wedding. Traditional hotel style wedding has been hit. Everyone is eager for their wedding is not the same, leaving a deep impression. So people are longing for a private wedding. 3, science and technology with the development of science and technology, the wedding choreography audio facilities, has become more and more perfect. This time, the good use of science and technology, to create a dream effect. Is everyone must seize a powerful weapon yo. With the development of the times, the wedding is also developing. Want to keep up with the trend, it is necessary to keep up with the new trend of the wedding oh. In 2017 ten major trends: one of one of the wedding theme wedding theme green theme wedding in 2016 as the most popular green wedding in 2017, will still shine. Whether it is green, leafy vines, even the trees of the forest green always gives a fresh and vibrant feel, especially in the hot summer, held a green wedding theme again good! 2017 ten wedding theme fashion trends two: garden theme wedding in the wedding day the flowers are indispensable, held a wedding outdoors in the garden, green plants collocation fresh, then make your wedding more add an elegant charm of nature. In 2017 ten wedding theme trends three: Retro retro theme wedding theme has occupied a certain position in the wedding, but most people have much to retro gray and black color tone is like the light green can also be laid out retro effect.相关的主题文章: