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The original "cheat" the child, will let the child more outstanding! Sohu maternal and child education should be positive and positive, and we teach you to cheat the child, because the cheat is a kind of educational wisdom, is not the truth of the trick. How to let the children more "more excellent, mom and Dad, quickly learn this secret! Do a good mother in the family education, there is a famous education law, known as the Rosenthal effect, also known as the expectation effect. This comes from a shocking story: Once upon a time, there was a world-class liar, named Rosenthal, a world-famous psychologist. Once he went to a school, pick a dozen children, that they are a genius. Results eight months later, parents and teachers really found that these children progress significantly, slowly become a genius. The education law only shows that every child can become an extraordinary genius, but the realization of this probability depends on the parents and teachers can treat genius that love, hope, cherish these children. To put it simply, what kind of person you want your child to be and what kind of person you can be. Mom and dad to see the advantages of weapon: 1, the first step is to avoid the disadvantages in deceive children see his advantage, less his shortcomings. That innocent child like duckling toddler, began to contact the society, but our parents are always too impatient to do everything for him. See son eyes, mother said: "however, at this time I heard you only got 12 chinese. What do you tell her about this? "My son listened and said," I don’t like Chinese, Chinese is too difficult! So I don’t like listening to lectures. "At this time, the mother did not blame him, but said:" Oh, you are not interested in Chinese, did not seriously listen to 12 points. That you are very powerful. I believe that if you spend a little more time, will do better. "At this time, it is the turn of the child embarrassed, scratching his head asked:" is it? "Mom is taking advantage of said:" of course. What is difficult in Chinese, as long as a little bit every day, there will be progress. From then on, the children no longer dare to speak Chinese is very difficult. Each examination, from 12 points to 20 points, to 50 points, and then to the 80 points, the child is in progress in each examination. The most important thing is that every time his mother is willing to give him the greatest encouragement, the greatest praise. And this kind of good faith is the wisdom of education. 2 cheat children have to be patient education is a very simple thing. The best education is to lie to the child, tell him is the best on the line. From this perspective, the best teacher is actually the parents, the parents are the first teachers of the children in small children, and each is an excellent teacher superb legerdemain. First of all, you should treat your child as a good boy, but he is not aware of it. Then, mom and dad should be patient to emphasize, and repeatedly praised his progress. The child’s thinking is a straight line, meaning that the parents say what, reflected in the mind is what. If he is相关的主题文章: