The owner of the shop is cheap to fall into the net shopping trap to pay nearly 6 thousand yuan-luonv

The female shopkeeper fell into the trap of shopping online and lost nearly 6 thousand yuan by card. In this newspaper (reporter Jia Xuemei correspondent Feng Wei), the cheater impersonate the wholesalers of mother and infant wholesalers and attracts customers with low price. The owner of the shop was cheap and paid the money by a bank card in accordance with the instructions of the swindler. The cheater lost his hand immediately, and the owner fell into the fraud trap of nearly 6000 yuan. Yesterday, in the 2016 national network security week "rule of law day" theme forum, Wuhan police issued seven typical types of fraud. In April 10th of this year, after 80s, Ms. Wu reported that "I was deceived on the Internet". Originally, at the beginning of this year, Ms. Wu wanted to open Taobao store to sell maternity and infant products in her spare time, and then searched the wholesalers for mother and infant through the Internet, and found a website. Looking at the goods displayed on the exquisite webpage and seeing that the price is not too expensive, the customer service is contacted with the merchant. Customer service indicates that only 500 yuan or more of the order can be free of freight. That night, Ms. Wu made 1502 yuan of goods, when talking about the payment, the customer service said only transfer, Alipay does not support, and provides 4 banks. Ms. Wu was attracted by the low price goods, and then made a successful account on the Internet according to the account number provided by the cheater, and the other party was full of promises to deliver the goods for two days. At noon, 12 o’clock, the mother child shop customer service contacted Wu Yue. There were some mistakes in the process section. The goods must reach 3000 yuan to avoid freight, because of their mistakes, they can send 300 yuan extra. Ms. Wu chose something and made up for 1555 yuan. Two days later, a call from a self – called express company said to Ms. Wu that the mother and baby supplies had been made to Optics Valley, and the goods must be paid in order to send the goods for inspection. Ms. Wu, another negligence, paid 1555 yuan orders through the net silver. About 10 minutes later, the courier called again that the money was not enough. The courier explained that there were 6000 yuan of goods to be sent. Ms. Wu immediately contacted the customer service on the website. The customer service confirmed that the goods were sent more, and said it could be delivered again. It must be 3 days later. Impatient of the Wu shop has opened and a customer order, urgent delivery. After consultation with the customer service, cheap 300 yuan sold to Wu, sold baotuibaohuan. Ms. Wu felt very favorable, and at the same time paid 2650 yuan through the net silver. Subsequently, the courier began to pull all kinds of reasons not to deliver, and then with the customer service, express call, the other side did not answer. Wuhan police, QQ hacking and network game trading fraud, online game virtual equipment trading fraud, online fraud, online dating card fraud, online college students part-time recruitment fraud, online booking, online shopping fraud fraud, is the most typical form of fraud to the public encounter.

女店主图便宜掉入网购陷阱 用卡支付损失近6千元   本报讯(记者贾雪梅 通讯员冯威)骗子冒充母婴用品批发商,并用低价吸引顾客。女店主贪图便宜,按照骗子指示用银行卡支付货款,骗子得手后随即消失,女店主掉入诈骗陷阱损失近6000元……昨日,在2016年国家网络安全宣传周“法治日”主题论坛上,武汉警方发布七大典型诈骗类型。   今年4月10日,80后吴女士网上报警称“我在网上被骗了”。原来,今年初,吴女士想利用业余时间开家淘宝店卖母婴用品,遂通过互联网查找母婴用品的批发商,发现了一家网站。看着精致的网页上展示的齐全的货品,再看价格也不算贵,就通过客服与商家取得联系,客服表示只要订货达500元以上都可免运费。当晚,吴女士定了1502元的货,当谈及货款支付时,客服表示只能转账,不支持支付宝,并提供了4家银行。吴女士被低价货品吸引,遂按照骗子提供的账号在网上成功划账了,对方满口答应两天就可以发货。   当天中午12点,母婴店客服联系吴说,之前在流程环节上有些失误,货物必须达到3000元才能免运费,由于他们的失误,可以额外送300元的货物。吴女士又选了些东西,补交了1555元。   两天后,一个自称快递公司的电话打给吴女士说,订的母婴用品到光谷了,必须把货款付齐才能送来验货。吴女士又一次疏忽,将1555元订单通过网银付款了。大约10分钟后,快递员又打电话称,货款不够。快递员解释,有6000元货物要发。吴女士马上联系网站客服,客服证实是货物发多了,并称可以重新发货,必须等3天之后。性急的吴女士网店已开业并有顾客订了货,急需发货。经与客服协商,便宜300元卖给吴女士,卖不出去的包退包换。吴女士觉得很优惠,当即又通过网银支付了2650元。随后,快递员开始扯各种理由不肯送货,再与客服、快递打电话时,对方都不接了。   武汉警方介绍,QQ盗号和网络游戏交易进行诈骗、网络游戏虚拟装备交易进行诈骗、网上办证诈骗、网络交友诈骗、大学生网上兼职招聘诈骗、网上订票诈骗、网上购物诈骗,是目前市民遇到的最典型的诈骗形式。相关的主题文章: