The property market is facing systemic pressure because the city policy is almost impossible to succ

The property market is facing pressure because of the city administration system is almost impossible to succeed the sina finance opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Liu Weiming has said that some local governments require adjustment at the end of October, jumped back, slowly rising up quickly, don’t…… This country and stock bull market, Manniu to cattle is a reason not to fast. This will not succeed! As the stock market crash rescue, the fuse can hardly succeed, once defined the direction of market liquidity will be instantly dried up, and more powerful than the stock market in this real city. Chinese thing about "policy", formulated above following implementation, the implementation of good performance is advancing towards the goal of policy requires things, to perform well the performance is slow even in the opposite direction to run. This is understandable, although the implementation is often carried out over the head, but the efficiency will be greatly improved, such as the construction of satellites, repair high-speed rail, open factories. Therefore, we are accustomed to the policy, the order, not only in administrative affairs, but also for the operation of the financial market has retained the same style – there is a stock market, after the property market. However, unlike other things, financial market has its own laws, decrees and not play makers expect role here, and tend toward the makers in unexpected directions. This is the real estate now. "Inventory" decree original goal is to vigorously promote the three or four line city inventory backlog of housing sales, in order to alleviate the pressure of credit risk, however, is actually pushed up land prices, housing prices for land supply, real estate manufacturing contraction shortage panic induced by residents to increase leverage, and local developers so busy awfully. The development of things far beyond the control of the paper, so now a strong mandate requires the regulation of the property market, in such a short period of time the policy of one hundred and eighty degree turn to think about palpitation. The official caliber of the current real estate policy is called because the city policy, in short, is a second tier restrictions on demand to encourage capital flows to the three or four line. However, this goal may not be able to achieve. Chinese real estate market has sufficient financial, real estate has become a typical investment goods, this is the investment in capital intensive and absolute driving type, we need to put the country’s real estate market as a whole, and can not separate. This is like the truth of the stock market, no matter what the plate and stocks are stocks, the vast majority of the stock trend is consistent with the overall trend. In other words, in the upward trend, the majority of the stock will rise; in the crash, even the best stocks will fall. We can not ask this plate, the plate fell; the stock rose, the stock fell. All this will produce such a phenomenon, is expected to change the psychological expectations of the participants in the market, and the mood will be infected and continuous circulation between the participants repeatedly strengthened. The real estate market is also true. The regulation of the decree severely, the extensive is rare. Vaguely aware of management’s intention相关的主题文章: