The public face litigation or heavy penalties in 20 EU countries

The public face litigation or heavy penalties Tencent Automobile News Beijing on September 7th news in the 20 EU countries, according to foreign media reports, the German media "world news" quoted EU sources said, the European Commission has found the mass violation of consumer protection law in the 20 EU Member States, its main approach is cheating in the automobile exhaust emission test. The European Commission announced on Monday that it is conducting an investigation into the scandal related to the mass car emissions scandal. It is reported that the European Union regional consumer sales and quality assurance act – prohibits any business in the sale of the parties deliberately exaggerating the ability to exaggerate their products. The European Commission said that the industry Commissioner Elzbieta · bienkowska (Elzbieta Bienkowska) has been considered active again and again to ask the public to compensate consumers’ losses, but did not get a positive response from the other side. This is also the beginning of the decision of the members of the court to decide whether consumers are entitled to compensation. A spokesman for the European Commission said, in order to ensure that consumers are treated fairly, EU consumer Commissioner Vera · Eulova (Vera Jourova) has sent a letter to all members of the Consumer Association for assistance to collect evidence. The spokesman said in an e-mail response to the outside world, "she (Vera · special) plans to meet with representatives in Brussels this week. "The public declined to comment on the news. Vera · especially the reward has been part of the consumer groups worked together to put pressure on the public, they ask the public to reach a settlement in the United States emission door scandal standard of compensation to the users in europe. In the United States, the public has promised to come up with billions of euros to the public diesel car users compensation. But so far, it has refused to accept the appeal to the European region affected users to provide about 8 million 500 thousand euros compensation. Compared with the United States, the EU member states the different legal provisions to a certain extent, weakened the consumers to obtain compensation chances. Vera · Eulova to the world newspaper revealed that she is still analyzing the content of information feedback from member states. "The world news" quoted Vera ·, said in an article published on Monday, some of the contents of the summary, said: "the reality has shown that the public is clearly contrary to the majority of EU Member States consumer protection act. That’s why I think it’s necessary to stand up at the EU level." "World news" also quoted sources as saying that in the next few days, Vera on behalf of · especially the reward with a number of consumer groups will meet and discuss the public claim strategy. The public or fined $40 billion by the European Union, which is within a month, the European Union for the second consecutive commercial giant launched an investigation action. Earlier, the European Commission has launched a strong attack on Apple Corp, and its company in Dublin issued a $14 billion 500 million tax credit. Two weeks later, the public became the target of the investigation. Some experts pointed out that the European commission"相关的主题文章: