The reduction tide in adversity holdings that 15 shareholders emergency shot!

The reduction tide in adversity holdings that 15 shareholders emergency shot! Semi annual report after a sound in the listed company a reduction in 15 companies, major shareholders holdings of the market, the cumulative cost of 776 million yuan. In the second half of this year, the Shanghai index around 3000 narrow range fluctuations, the shareholders of listed companies to increase or decrease the trend? Data treasure monitoring shows that in July the 94 major shareholders of the company holdings, the use of funds of $12 billion 200 million, 157 shareholders of the company holdings, cash $34 billion 200 million. August 42 shareholders of the company’s own holdings of shares, cost $25 billion 600 million; 85 companies holdings, involving funds of $16 billion 900 million. Since September, 15 shareholders of the company holdings, the use of funds of more than $700 million, in contrast, the shareholders of the 53 companies holdings, cash $8 billion 700 million. Semi annual time window after just 7 trading days, the number of holdings of the company and the amount reached half of last month. The industry distribution shows that, since the beginning of the September 15 stock distribution in the 11 SW level industry. Among them, the chemical industry, computers, electrical equipment and other industries have 2 stocks finalists. The plate distribution, only 15 holdings of stocks, most get together for Shanghai and Shenzhen motherboard, contains only 9, accounting for more than half of the small board and gem each covering 3. An important figure since September holdings of shareholders billion yuan of shares such as Sheng Tun mining, the handsome rise, amounted to three yuan, 3 shares. Sheng Tun mining at the beginning of the month to disclose the actual controller to complete the commitment of the company stock holdings announcement, the company’s actual controller Yao Xiongjie to personal accounts and the directional asset management plan, in the two grade market purchase a total of 20 million 367 thousand and 500 holdings of shares, the total amount of over 160 million yuan, completed Holdings commitment. As of September 2nd, the controlling shareholder of Shenzhen Sheng Tun Group Co., Ltd. and the actual controller Yao Xiongjie and its underlying asset management plan holds a total of 335 million shares, accounting for the total share capital of 22.41%. Based on the company’s future sustainable and stable development of confidence and recognition of the value of the company, the controlling shareholder and actual controller will not rule out the continued holdings of shares of the company. There are stocks repeatedly prompted the suspension of listed risk GEM stocks rose, the handsome, shareholder of Qingdao City Investment Holdings Limited financial period from September 5th to September 7th, through the Shenzhen stock exchange trading system holdings of shares 15 million 330 thousand and 500 shares, accounting for 2% of the total share capital, involving 245 million yuan of funds. After the holdings, the city voted to control the cumulative holdings of 130 million shares, accounting for the total share capital of 17%. The actual control of the company remains unchanged, is still Jia Quanchen, Jia Quanchen and its concerted action total shareholding ratio of 35.40%. The second half of the year upward price shocks, the biggest harvest increase of 40% of the shares of small plates up to three yuan, recently re issued holdings announcement, the largest shareholder and actual controller Zhou Shiping by Daye trust · three yuan of capital trust securities investment plan and personal securities account, in September 7th, 8 on the two level of total market holdings of 7 million 374 thousand and 200 shares, accounting for 2.73% of the total share capital, at a cost of 144 million yuan. In fact, since the end of 6, the actual controller has repeatedly holdings of individual securities accounts and the collection of Funds Trust plan. Data treasure last week, combing the executives of listed companies cash situation, at the same time相关的主题文章: