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The safety in the highest position (Music) – Zhejiang Channel – in serious criminal cases in Huize County of Yunnan Province, and many innocent lives, the plot is very bad, very serious consequences. As the news came, all the public condemned this cruel and cruel atrocity, and appealed unanimously to punish the murderer in accordance with the law, and to make the society calm and peaceful. After the case, the local public security organs quickly set up a task force, and has arrested a suspect. At the same time, the Ministry of public security sent a special working group to the local to guide the disposal of the case. The investigation of cases requires a process, but it is believed that, the public security organs to have the cooperation of the whole society, the case will come to light, the criminals will be subject to legal justice. General secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed the need to further enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses". A case involving human life is to be treated with the utmost care。 The investigation and treatment of serious malignant crimes is related to the people’s life safety and affects the social nerves. Police in close cooperation, based on the facts, the law as the criterion, to thoroughly investigate, punish the murderer, we will give an account of the deceased, for a stable society. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 15 Edition) (commissioning editor Guo Yang and Weng Dikai)

把群众安全放在最高位置(快评)–浙江频道–人民网 发生在云南省会泽县的特大刑事案件,伤及众多无辜性命,情节十分恶劣,后果极为严重。消息传来,社会公众无不谴责这一冷酷残忍的暴行,一致呼吁依法严惩凶手,还社会以平静安宁。 案件发生后,当地公安机关迅速成立专案组,目前已抓获一名凶嫌。与此同时,公安部派出专门的工作组奔赴当地,指导案件的处置工作。案件的侦破需要一个过程,但人们相信,有公安机关的努力,有全社会的配合,该案的案情一定会水落石出,犯罪分子一定会受到法律应有的制裁。 习近平总书记反复强调,要“进一步增强人民群众安全感和满意度”。人命关天。对于重大恶性犯罪案件的查处,事关人民群众的生命安全,牵动着社会的神经。警民密切配合,以事实为依据,以法律为准绳,彻底追查,严惩凶手,我们定将给逝者一个交代,给社会一份安定。 《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月30日 15 版) (责编:郭扬、翁迪凯)相关的主题文章: