The summer will wrap up Chen Xuedong decryption or will won the ratings Champion (video)-candle june

The summer will wrap up Chen Xuedong "decryption" or will won the ratings champion _44 > > > decryption;; click on the video to watch "decryption" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news with September approaching, the students after school, summer summer burning smoke burst gradually retreat, several high-profile IP was hit in the big drama TV, but has been difficult to rely on the summer wind. Review the summer of this year, from July opening of the "decryption", "nine gate" to August "-", "smiled very little", "Zhu Xian Yun Zhi", although each works rely on the powerful IP menacing, is still not in the ratings are beyond the last "flower thousands of bones." the explosion models, review ratings of two months, starring Chen Xuedong "decryption" is actually the summer is difficult to be beyond the ratings champion. Opportune "decryption" summer ratings topped "decryption" success is primarily due to the 95 anniversary of the founding of excellent TV broadcasting policy, Hunan Taiwan in the implementation of the policy in the rapid initial judgment, competition won first prize, "decryption" broadcast third days after the 1 ratings both double net, it is all the way 23, broadcast to the set pair of ratings break 2, reach the average ratings of 1.64, the amount of network player breaking 5 billion good results. With the start of the Olympic Games, in the subsequent IP broadcast, "-", "Zhu Xian", "Nine" sky city "-" difficult to break 1, the average audience so far in 1.01, the average audience "Zhu Xian" 1.18 "," 1.05 old nine door, with the Olympic Games ended, "micro a micro smile very little" and "separation" ratings gradually bullish, but has been broadcast 10 episodes of "slightly" currently 0.87, "farewell" ratings 1.13, very difficult to go beyond the "decryption" results. In addition to the ratings, in the mouth, "decryption" to micro-blog 9.9 points on remote network evaluation also topped the list, up to 9.6 points. "People’s Daily" TV drama "issued praise" decryption "promote mainstream values, spread positive energy of youth, and pointed out that the" win-win "can reach to decrypt reputation ratings, is that both the full solid plot and the young audience’s aesthetic, using both popularity and acting young actor to the interpretation of the socialist core value the concept of patriotism, so high and far more easily accepted by the young generation. Chen Xuedong was sure to try the original novel "decryption" as one of the most literary works Mak, has been translated into 33 languages known overseas, but in the process of the film has experienced 7 times of adaptation, Mak said frankly, "poetic beauty let him into the world, but it the film is far from". The last task handed over to the security director, and the challenge by Chen Xuedong Rong Jin a corner. The final script of Rong Jinzhen is a poor living ability but intelligent mathematical genius, successively from genius, to stay adorable to find latent undercover amnesia and eventually become self Tiexue instructor, Chen Xuedong needs to complete the four stages of character transformation. Director An Jianceng said that very few people have the opportunity to interpret a character in a play of the four states, Chen Xuedong has such a chance, and he did. Fool is recognized in the industry is difficult to play the characters.相关的主题文章: