The Supreme Court clerk I have received the station landline telephone fraud-homefront

The Supreme Court clerk: I had a landline station received a telephone fraud, the original title: the political solution of the telecommunications network fraud cases frequently court have any difficulties? Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) the morning of September 30th, the Supreme People’s court held a news briefing issued telecommunications fraud case. Beijing City Court vice president An Fengde at the meeting to provide the data show that since 2013, the Beijing Court concluded a total of 59 cases related to various types of telecommunications fraud, sentenced to more severe punishment 405 people; Fujian province high court vice president Xie Kaihong said that this year 1 to August, the province’s courts have concluded such cases 464 895 people. In the face of telecommunications fraud network high trend, hosted a press conference of the Supreme People’s court News Bureau inspector Wang Ling said, have received a telephone fraud in the Supreme People’s Court on the plane. Telecommunications network fraud cases, the court in the trial will face any problems? Fujian Provincial High Court vice president Xie Kaihong said, in the investigation authorities investigating such cases when the situation is difficult to collect evidence, and for the judicial organs is difficult to identify the amount of money involved, although there are also internal fraud Gang division, but every suspect in time, that a specific person is guilty difficult. It also challenges the court in the application of law. Xie Kaihong said, how to unify and standardize the sentencing standards of different regions, different courts, and how to effectively combat the crime of fraud telecommunications network on the downstream, also need to be further standardized and clear in the application of the law. In addition, the return loss of stolen goods, a large number of foreign capital flows to the telecommunications network fraud cases, recovery is difficult, Xie kaihong said: "we can often withhold some bank card, but the nature of the card money is difficult to determine, it is difficult to judge whether the money is not a fraud and should return. And the victim’s distribution is very wide, sometimes difficult to find." Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: