The United States intelligence director to resign the United States facing the lone wolf threat –

The United States intelligence director to resign: the United States currently facing news agency News – lone wolf threat Sohu in Washington in November 17, (reporter Diao Haiyang) U.S. National Intelligence Director James clapper said? 17 in the United States will hold hearings, he was on the evening of 16 this month to the United States President Obama submitted his resignation, he the turnover in the current government after retiring. 17 in the United States to attend the clapper will make the statement of the House Intelligence Committee hearings. He became the first senior officials in the Obama administration that he will resign after retiring. Clapper said on that day, for the resignation, he felt happy, because you can spend more time with family. But he also said that the United States is currently facing the "lone wolf" threat of violent extremism and endogenous worrying. The 75 year old clapper working within us military and intelligence system for 50 years. Since August 2010, he served as director of the U.S. National Intelligence Director, responsible for coordinating the Central Intelligence Agency, the FBI and the national security agency and other intelligence agencies 17. The US director of national intelligence is the president of the United States top intelligence adviser, this position is set up in the "9? 11" after the incident, to break the barriers between departments, to maximize the integration of information resources. Clapper is the fourth director of national intelligence. By convention, the cabinet members of the Obama administration and the leaders of the main government departments will have to resign in the next two months time, so as to allow President elect Barack Obama to form his own ruling team in the future, the president of the Republic of China, mr.. U.S. media speculated that the United States will be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and German? Noune retired U.S. Army lieutenant general Michael? Flynn and the United States congressman Pete Hooke before? Stella per capita is expected to become the successor of the clapper. Author: Diao Haiyang相关的主题文章: