The young woman fled Southeast Asia has 11 years of fraud 1 million 600 thousand robbery xiansang Mi-luonv

The young woman fled Southeast Asia has 11 years of fraud 1 million 600 thousand robbery xiansang Ming Wenzhou woman Lin (Center) because of the economic crime fled to Malaysia in November 8th 11, Jinhua informed the police arrest suspects at large overseas economic "Fox 2016 special action on the situation. From January this year, as of November 3rd, the Jinhua police arrest suspects at large overseas economic 17 people (of which, 12 people arrested, persuaded to return justice to 4 people, and 1 people in the overseas have been arrested for extradition). At present, the Jinhua public security organs and the number of foreign fugitives arrest work performance, in the forefront of the prefecture level city in the province. Suspects in the overseas how? The police go abroad is not a "job"? Jinhua Yiwu City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade deputy commander Zhu Weibing told him to go to Malaysia to experience the suspect Lin. Zhu Weibing: the police can not act alone, half a month eating bread lost several kilograms some people think is a good job to travel, but not necessarily. Take Zhu Weibing this trip, starting in September 11th, returned in September 25th, also missed the Mid Autumn Festival and family reunion opportunities. "We are in a working group out of two, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of international cooperation of the police, two grassroots handling units is our Economic Investigation Brigade police, I was one of them, and a female colleague." Zhu Weibing said. Work in foreign countries need to cooperate with the local police, contact the local Interpol, immigration, police and embassy, etc., by the Ministry of public security, the police are responsible for the main, like Zhu Weibing is responsible for the contact and specific action. "Some are purely escort, more hard, my colleagues they have time to Africa, to fly to Paris and then turn the whole 17 hours. The local airport to Africa, even the airport did not come out, after the handover immediately to buy a ticket home, but on the way home can not sleep, must stare at, did not take the luggage to even open to opportunities." Zhu Weibing said. The working group is usually 7 days on a business trip, the requirements are very strict, can not go out alone, must be a group action. Do not say where to play, even out of the hotel are afraid to go too far. In addition to these disciplines, due to language barrier, eating habits are different, the conditions of life is also more difficult. Zhu Weibing said that the food in Malaysia is a bit sour, he is not used to, so most of the time are milk, mineral water, bread and the like, half a month down, lost a few pounds. The working group to Malaysia, did not expect the original surrender Lin will regret it, how to contact her are ignored, twists and turns, delayed for half a month. Zhu Weibing introduction, although there are also out of the working group to run a white trip, but generally go out are fully certified before, so the success rate is relatively high. Lin: the suspect fled to Malaysia in 11 years, like a nightmare over forty Lin fled as a young woman, and good-looking, tall, have a happy family. But she made a mistake that she regretted her whole life. In 2005, the people of Wenzhou Lin fake Guangdong businessmen in the Yiwu market, buying about 1 million 600 thousand yuan worth of goods after disappeared. Yiwu followed by the police, the police investigation found that Lin is not only identity, passport is false, but also.相关的主题文章: