There are a lot of details to say Feng Ke proposal, Zhang mother almost rushed to stop (video) yo te amo

There are a lot of details to marry Feng Ke, Zhang mother almost rushed up to stop [Abstract] "popular entertainment" reported that Zhang Guiying in September this year has been sued Feng Ke, had cast doubt on Zhang Guiying do not agree with their marriage, Feng Ke know Zhang Guiying to court, simply put the news that want to get married in November. Jane Zhang sings "" none such under heaven really good because this song began to love this to Jane Zhang WeChat public number show a micro signal: touchshow123 said the draft, the inertia of thinking will bring us back memories of 2005, public opinion and willful to that year’s "Super Girls" as the beginning of the draft, and to draft last year. Has reached the tenth year. Presumably, some people still miss the whole family to sit in front of the time, or let people walk in the street to strangers canvassing impulse. Unfortunately, the collective unconscious has vast pomp. Over the past 10 years, your vote and hard to retain their screams, only for their music today in a space for one person; 10 years later, I WANT YOU replaced PK, revolving chair replaced the national star, just standing in the middle of the stage is no longer the amateur, playing the guitar is also mostly industry hermit; 10 years later, you may make a marriage, a divorce; for a newborn, a misfortune; a few wrinkles and gray hairs; for a few, a few of you boyfriend so we pick China mobile phone for ten years, a lot of media rush to "ten years" in the title do review, while the number of super girls did not give up hot, have started the concert debut ten years. As everyone knows, in the "Super Girls" on the stage of the city of Chengdu, the emergence of many excellent players. Spray hero, ten years later, they put the station on the Chengdu stadium arena as homecoming. In October 10, 2015, I was invited to Chengdu to attend Jane Zhang’s concert. Not long ago, Li Yuchun had just held a concert at the same venue. The same day, Jane Zhang, staff less city times tactfully express the day of the concert will have an unexpected surprise, my heart has been assured Feng Ke "premeditated" in this concert to marry Jane Zhang so we come the end of the concert, the audience sang the birthday song (October 11th is the birthday of Jane Zhang), buddy Reno Wang personally push on the cake. Then there was a song written by Feng Ke and sang the song "To My All", the big screen is he and Jane Zhang ten years of exchanges of private photos, a song sing the tune of the song, with two people or children of the green appearance, the scene was very moving. Jane Zhang was crying on the ground, Feng Ke holding the flowers took to the stage of a soulful confession: I was prepared for a lot of words, but came to power to forget…… I’ve been waiting for ten years, and I’ve been thinking about it for the last ten years." He asked Jane Zhang to forgive him in Changsha (Concert) when a scene so embarrassed — Jane Zhang was magnanimous "forced", while Feng Ke is like a leg tied so we come to lead bag wuyinbuquan Feng Ke said "To My All" recorded 20 times before it was finally finished, he dedicated this song to two of the ten years of courtship. At this time the fans like you lit a相关的主题文章: