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There is a kind of unspeakable pain called postpartum constipation has a bitter – Sohu maternal shame, the spook, pins and needles, that is postpartum constipation; even with primitive force, or the results of…… baby… Heart bitter constipation is a complicated clinical symptom, not a disease, mainly refers to to reduce the number of bowel movements, dry stool, defecation etc.. The above symptoms if there are more than two kinds of symptoms can be diagnosed as constipation. Most of the postpartum constipation refers to temporary or functional constipation. There are many causes of postpartum constipation: 1, in the new mommy postpartum gastrointestinal function, intestinal peristalsis is slow, resulting in prolonged food stays in the intestines, intestinal contents of the water is absorbed by a large number, will appear dry stool, making new mommy difficult defecation. 2, pregnancy pregnant mother’s abdomen over expansion, the baby with the month growth makes the abdominal and pelvic floor muscle relaxation and contraction weakened the diet not too fat, about more than 3, late delivery, perineal and pelvic injury more or less, by reflex, restrain bowel action. Postpartum abdominal and pelvic muscle tension is insufficient, lack of impetus to defecation, feces excreted. 4, postpartum diet too much attention to the so-called high nutrition, lack of cellulose, food residue reduction. The diet can be used oat, wild rice, spinach and other vegetables. With the yogurt usually in the diet should eat more soup, drinking water, daily meals should be appropriate collocation a certain proportion of the grains, so that the thickness of the grain to the staple food collocation, variety, but also eat some fresh fruits and vegetables containing cellulose and more. Eat more food rich in organic acid can increase the intestinal tract bacteria, promote digestion, help laxative. Such as yogurt, cheese, etc.. 5, the spirit is too nervous, anxiety disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Sit for half an hour every morning, meet the trouble of deep breathing, want to happy things. 6, the water intake is insufficient, cause metabolism to slow down, stool is too absorbed in the body, which is not easy to discharge dry. Drink plenty of water! Water is essential during breast milk. 7, of course, some of the women themselves have habitual constipation, postpartum constipation will increase. Pregnant women have their own hemorrhoids may also cause difficulty in defecation. Caesarean birth may also cause temporary constipation due to narcotic analgesic. If in late pregnancy has met constipation, can be appropriate to do some contraction and release the levator ani movement, anal muscle action. This action is simple, convenient, whether sitting or lying can do, can effectively relieve constipation. Maternal postpartum constipation is common symptoms, mostly because of postpartum hemorrhage due to blood deficiency, Qi deficiency, Tianjin injury, if not timely treatment, often cause hemorrhoids, anal fissure, dehydration and even a series of sequelae of uterine prolapse. Postpartum constipation problems must be improved and corrected in time, otherwise it will leave some sequelae, harm to the health of the new mother oh. Next introduced a project to enlarge trick of postpartum constipation, bowel detoxification, Mom "Qingchang detoxification items by professional massage, to regulate gastrointestinal dysfunction, bowel detoxification, promoting digestion and micro相关的主题文章: