Threat of terrorist attacks, Thailand Thai security unit to strengthen the explosion detection at

The terrorist attack threat intelligence security unit of Thailand Thailand airport explosion detection strengthen Sohu news Beijing, February 22,   according to the "Central News Agency reported on 21, because there was intelligence that radical organization Islamic state (IS) may be a terrorist attack on the southeast, to the airport transit and other public transport as the goal, the security of Thailand the unit began to implement airport MRT passengers luggage explosion detection. 21, a Bangkok Airlines flight with suspected explosives in the plane rolled back when the full airport security, later confirmed that a false alarm. Reported that due to Bangkok Airlines flight 21 at noon on a plane took off from Suvarnabhumi airport on a flight, with 4 passengers about the "explosion" in preparation for take-off has been a topic of flight attendants heard, immediately report to the captain, the captain reported after the tower back to the safety of the apron and the luggage passengers off the plane therefore, the implementation of strict security checks, the plane delayed 6 hours off. 4 passengers going to Phuket method will be brought to the aviation police station for questioning, they turned out to be a worry with the instruments used in the cargo hold "burst", a false alarm, but they could face a fine of 200 thousand baht. But the Thailand National Police Department has received the U.S. Embassy in Thailand informed that there is intelligence, IS may attack Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand as the goal, Thailand in addition to keep the original security measures, and to expand the public transport safety maintenance, including carrying on take the airport passenger transit system the luggage, explosion-proof security detection dog out. But the Thailand police also to the public and tourists have been called, to strengthen the monitoring of suspicious persons, on the territory of Thailand security to maintain confidence, please people and passengers need not be too alarmed, in case of suspicious persons or goods, please inform the police immediately. 恐袭情报威胁泰国 泰安全单位对机场加强防爆侦测-搜狐新闻  中新网2月22日电  据“中央社”21日报道,由于有情报显示激进组织“伊斯兰国”(IS)可能对东南亚发动恐怖攻击,以捷运机场等公共运输为目标,泰国安全单位开始对机场捷运的旅客行李实施防爆侦测。  21日,一架曼谷航空班机因疑有爆裂物,在飞机滚行时拉回机场全面安检,后来证实虚惊一场。  报道称,由于曼谷航空公司21日中午一架自苏凡纳布机场起飞的班机上,有4名乘客在准备起飞时谈有关“会爆炸”的话题被空服员听到,立即报告机长,机长报告塔台后回到安全机坪,将行李和旅客全部下机,实施严格安检,因此飞机延误6小时起飞。  4名准备到普吉进行法会的乘客被带到航警局问话,原来是他们担心带的一个法器在货舱中“会爆破”,虚惊一场,但他们可能面临20万泰铢的罚款。  不过泰国国家警察总署曾接到美国驻泰国大使馆的通报,指出有情报显示,IS可能会攻击东南亚国家,以印度尼西亚、马来西亚及泰国为目标,泰国方面除原有的维安措施持续之外,并对公共运输扩大安全维护,包括对搭乘机场捷运系统的旅客所携带的行李,出动防爆侦测犬安检。  不过泰国警方也向民众和旅客呼吁,已加强监控可疑人士,对泰国境内的安全维护有信心,请民众和旅客不必太过惊慌,若遇有可疑人物或物品,请立即向警方通报。相关的主题文章: