Three pro baby technology can create Superman plustek

"Three pro baby" technology can create Superman? Recently, the British "New Scientist" magazine announced that the first baby with a new "3 common family" technology has been born. The baby boy, named A Brahim ·, is now 5 months old and has a major gene for his parents, the nuclear DNA, but also a donor mitochondrial DNA (). Three pro baby through the artificial reproductive technology the birth of Hassan is actually used to say "(3  parents), children have two mothers and one father, one mother contributed egg nuclei DNA, another mother with mitochondrial DNA in the cytoplasm, and the father to donate sperm nuclear DNA. The newly born Hassan is to avoid suffering from his syndrome, Jordan’s mother of about 14 of the mitochondrial gene mutation, with the risk of disease, Hassan. Leigh syndrome is one of the most common mitochondrial diseases. According to the law of inheritance, only the mother’s egg inherited mitochondria to the offspring, the father’s sperm will not be inherited to the offspring of mitochondria. Therefore, the mitochondria have the problem of the mother in order to avoid the Leigh syndrome genetic to the child, adopted the "3 common family" technology, the donor egg nucleus removed, retained in the cytoplasm of normal mitochondria, and then the Hassan mother’s egg nuclei taken out and implanted donor eggs, then the Hassan’s mother has nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA donor eggs and sperm combined with Hassan’s father. In this way, 5 embryos were cultivated, only one normal development, eventually bred Hassan. 0.1% of Hassan’s genes come from donors, and all the others are parents. 2013, the British Ministry of health on the three pro baby ban, on the grounds that this approach is not to create new people, but to help people to treat genetic diseases. However, the existing social idea that "three pro baby" have two mothers’ genetic material, mitochondrial DNA which although not the main genetic material, also let people worry that this additional gene will create future Superman, or that the human species, they may have a higher IQ and more strong, in the competition for survival will be far better than by natural inoculation of human reproduction, which will give the human society brings new problems and trouble. However, the latest biomedical research has pointed out that three babies may create Superman’s argument is not much basis, because there are only 37 genes from the donor mitochondria. But the parents of nuclear DNA genes of more than 20 thousand, so the role of mitochondrial gene is almost negligible, and even far below the mitochondrial gene donor gene obtained by blood transfusion or transplant. At the same time, people’s personality, appearance, height, etc., are determined by the nuclear DNA, and mitochondrial genes unrelated. Nevertheless, the artificial reproductive technology has broken through the modern society people’s cognition, ethics, customs and psychological preparation for the birth. Moreover, this breakthrough is much greater than the IVF breakthrough. If three babies are forbidden, there will never be a machine to explore and improve.相关的主题文章: