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Tianjin overseas Fair opened in 48 countries and regions participating in chamber of Commerce zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in Tianjin on 26 August, (Li Mingyang) jointly organized by the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government Affairs Office of the State Council, the eighth session of Chinese? Tianjin overseas Chinese entrepreneurship development fair 26 in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition center. "Overseas fair" to "innovation, deepen cooperation and sharing development" as the theme, organized by the opportunity policy promotion, project communication and docking, the chamber of commerce exhibition and negotiate fieldwork and other activities, deepen exchanges and cooperation, especially overseas Chinese overseas high-level talents and professional talents and Tianjin, focusing on the introduction of innovative talents and project to build a new platform for Sheqiao economic and trade cooperation, expand economic and trade exchanges with overseas chamber of Commerce in Tianjin, Tianjin boost participation in "The Belt and Road construction. Tianjin Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Wang Hongjiang, vice mayor Zhao Haishan met with the guests. Wang Hongjiang expressed his gratitude to the majority of overseas Chinese for their concern, support and participation in the development and construction of Tianjin. He said: the current five major strategic superposition of Tianjin, before the opportunity has not. Welcome more overseas Chinese to invest in business in Tianjin, contribute to the wisdom and strength of the development and construction of Tianjin". After the meeting, Wang Hongjiang and the guests visited together the world of chamber of Commerce Trade Fair venue, Zhao seamount attended the ninth session of the International Youth Fellowship tide annual meeting and delivered a speech. During the meeting, will be held in the ninth session of the International Association of youth and youth tide, tide summit, Tianjin Youth Youth creation passenger forum, cooperation docking conference and other activities. Nearly 20 countries and regions of the 800 industry and commerce, science and technology and cultural sector participants, involved in the field of specialty food, education consulting, cutting-edge technology products, handicrafts, Wenchuang tasting etc.. (end)相关的主题文章: