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To taste the unique flavor of Liaocheng, the canal – Sohu tourism "Iron Chef" as Cai Lan said in "Cai Lan travel food records", two things — the most important travel and delicacy in his life. In fact, it did two things not many connoisseurs and right heart and follow the tour pal. The beauty and delicacy of the one is a kind of enjoyment, but if there is a place that can let you both go. Do you want the wind to fly? In fact, no, she is not far away from you, "he found the degreeses, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim" is the artistic conception. Where is Liaocheng — Jiangbei Shuicheng · ancient canal. Liaocheng is a charming city, and her charm is summed up in one word". A river with an area of more than half a square kilometer, of which more than one square kilometer. The Yellow River is in the east of Liaocheng 100 roaring; Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale from the middle of winding through the city; Wei River from the West in the Hebei carrying water; and Majia Tuhai, etc., arranged in a crisscross pattern of Dongchang Lake Taurus lake, fish Lake, hill embraced. Many rivers, beautiful lakes, making Liaocheng the "lake is Lake dependencies, the city in the water, the water in the city’s unique style shuicheng. Therefore, the "Venice in northern China," said. The beauty of Liaocheng has long been obvious, and Liaocheng cuisine, especially in Liaocheng canal food you may not understand. Delicacy: canal fusion cuisine said beautiful Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, people would think it has a long history, splendid culture, went to the canal town feel that flowing thousands of years. But for a glutton, good beauty, delicacy can not miss. Spread out the map of the Grande Canale, others may see is a long history of the canal town, thought is that have a ready pen canal culture. But in my eyes there such a chowhound, Sam sun, is the Yangtze River dry cook, here is the canal paste porridge, bean curd, rice balls, hollow glass eight bowl halal…… In Liaocheng, the ancient capital of the canal, which food can you eat? The the Grande Canale has brought all the people of Liaocheng, but also brought their delicacy. The north of Beijing and Tianjin, Shandong cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Shandong Southern Huaiyang, basically in this fusion. These of all kinds of people as always on the move, a huge consumer population, came to Liaocheng, not only brought a different taste of cuisine all over the country, but also to Liaocheng in the diet knowledge more progress, the food culture of Liaocheng because the canal together, take each of the long, suitable for everyone’s taste, the fusion of the diet, is to bring the canal the light, not to bring the city, is the city’s cultural atmosphere. If you want to eat dinner, then get on the canal, but the canal banquet, banquet road backing, a story set. The banquet: eat is the story as a typical novel "Jin Ping Mei", has been a lot of people talk about at leisure, you can know the fictional town businessman Ximen Qing range is on both sides of the canal, the "Golden Lotus".相关的主题文章: