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Business Travel insurance should be considered essential. Wherever you are going, whatever you are doing, unfortunately, there is always a chance something could go wrong. Getting the right cover is especially important when you are pregnant. Travelling when pregnant is not considered as risky as it may have been in the past the majority of pregnant women travel abroad safely without any issues or problems. After all, it is not an illness. However, there are certain factors that need to be considered before embarking on your trip. Possible pregnancy complications could involve high medical bills which you could get left to pay if you dont take the correct cover. Taking the right travel insurance is vital to ensure you are properly protected. Most travel insurance providers cover pregnancy (or childbirth), but exclusions will apply you must ensure youve checked that you are covered for your particular situation. For example, insurance provider Direct Travel Insurance can offer you cover without any additional charges, providing you have fitness to travel from your Doctor and you are not expected to give birth within 12 weeks of the end of your trip. This cover is subject to medical questions relating to medical conditions, like most insurance policies. Pregnancy related medical conditions, along with any other pre-existing medical conditions, will need to be declared to avoid problems in the unlikely event of a claim. You will need to ensure you have fitness to travel travel insurance policies will not cover you if you are travelling against doctors advice. If you have booked a policy and are later told that you should not fly, you should have grounds to claim for cancellation of your trip providing you met the conditions of the insurance policy when you purchased it. For this reason, its a good idea to book your travel insurance as soon as youve booked your trip that way you will have cancellation cover in place. When you do travel, remember to take up-to-date medical notes and other details regarding your pregnancy. If youre travelling to Europe, ensure you have your EHIC with you (in addition to your travel insurance). If youre travelling by plane, request an aisle seat, wear DVT socks and make sure you walk around the cabin pregnant women are more at risk of DVT. You are also more susceptible to dehydration, so keep hydrated on the plane with water and high vitamin fruits. While away, your skin will be more sensitive as well, so be liberal with sun-cream if your destination is a hot one. References, 2008. Travel Tips: Travelling while Pregnant. while-pregnant.html [09/04/08] Easmon, Charlie, 2008. Pregnancy and travel. … [09/04/08] Article Author – Rob James About the Author: 相关的主题文章: