True bloody! Terry pulled foot still hard after the game has been difficult to stand

True bloody! Terry pulled foot still hard after the rescue has been difficult to stand the pain after Terry kneeling on the sports news September 12th Tencent Welsh guest to challenge Swansea 2-2 draw Chelsea (data) not only lost two points, but at the last moment, Captain Terry also had a sprained ankle, but the captain revealed the momentum is admirable, although the pain, but he insisted on the court until the end of the game. Terry the moment of injury of the game at the last moment, because the score deadlocked in 2-2, need a goal again Chelsea were on the attack, but Captain Terry was in a defensive sprained ankles when Chelsea has run out of three substitutions, Terry can only stay in the field continue to adhere to. The injured Terry is still injured when Terry can rescue your life just limped to run two step, but then his injuries were aggravated, when Swansea attack came, Captain Chelsea is still dragging his injured foot to complete a siege. He can only stand on the road with his eyes backcourt defense, but Swansea did not catch Terry left loopholes, otherwise Chelsea really hurt captain fucked up again. After Terry leave the crutches at the final whistle, Terry has hurt kneeling on the ground, Chelsea doctor also quickly approach the plan for his treatment, but because the game has ended, Terry suffer bitter after a moment, still stand up Renzhaoshangtong hobbled to the locker room, this is Chelsea captain Tiexue pies, even on the road to lose points, but also must not lose momentum. (anckie)相关的主题文章: