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Try " + Internet bookstores; "   " friends bookstore " to readers – the media – original title: "stick to the circle of friends bookstore" readers recently, "Chinese press and publication newspaper" the reporter contacted the bookstore owner, founder of bee Zhang Yehong, asked if he could "circle of friends the bookstore" topic of the interview, he promised, but when interviewed about the specific time, the reporter received a reply: "it is always very busy." Talk to each other, do you want to be interviewed? With questions, the reporter learned that after the understanding, more than 4 in the afternoon, it is the busiest time of the day, Zhang Yehong, is also a circle of friends bookstore, the day when the order is more concentrated. "In the morning, in the afternoon before work, at 9 in the evening – the busiest time of day is 10." "I’ll take your call, and I’ll have to deal with the order." Zhang Yehong told reporters. Busy even drinking tea time did not talk about the circle of friends bookstore business, Zhang Yehong did not disclose to reporters daily turnover. But he admitted that, compared with the single store, the effect of the same. "Now the circle of friends bookstore is equivalent to a small wholesaler. The original Bookstore Bookstore, are 5 of the 10 local, and now is the purchase of 100 of the local. Before the bookstore every day delivery, is to pick up the courier tricycle, to take just a little heap, about a dozen pieces. Is now a big truck to pick up." Since the circle of friends bookstore, Zhang Yehong busy every day even tea, writing time is gone. As the country’s first circle of friends bookstore, said it is also a kind of innovation, but I do not think Zhang Yehong. "I am a ‘circle of friends Bookstore’ is discounted out." Talk about opening the circle of friends bookstore, the original intention, Zhang Wei rather helpless. In April 28th this year, the bees Bookstore Songzhuang shop, a building two floor all half off from the sale of books. Different from the time the "bee library" hit half off, the reader can see the book in the bookstore is half off, although none is large, but the effect is not ideal. "There’s no one on sale." Zhang Yehong said helplessly. In May 10th, he Tufaqixiang to discount the book information uploaded to the circle of friends, but accidentally received a lot of orders. At that time, the operating efficiency of the store is not very good, the audience did not buy half off. I sent to the circle of friends who would like to ask, some foreign language album hit thirty percent off, some people want to. And then added some new products, but also sell. Slowly, it’s done." Zhang Yehong said. Circle of friends has reached more than 9 thousand users, my users are selected." Zhang Yehong is not a family does not enter a door to describe his circle of friends bookstore consumers. According to Zhang Yehong introduction, the current circle of friends bookstore has two accounts, the user has reached more than 9 thousand. The maximum number of users in each account can only 5000 people, will immediately open the third." Compared with the huge number of readers, although this number is not very impressive, but the limited number, in fact, very precise, user stickiness is also very high. Why the circle of friends Bookstore user stickiness so high? By)相关的主题文章: