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UnCategorized Nutrition and Diet can be a confusing and overwhelming subject. The topic seems to get even more befuddled when we discuss how nutrition relates to weight loss! In order to achieve permanent weight loss and optimal health, the primary focus needs to be on adding the raw ingredients for health to our diets. Add the "good stuff" first, is how I like to describe it. When you provide your body with the essential ingredients for health (pure and sufficient ingredients), it will respond by creating the natural by-product of a healthier body .position. In other words, less excess body weight, less excess body fat and leaner muscle mass. Once you’ve gotten the hang of adding the positive raw ingredients, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the nastiest, most dangerous toxins .monly found in the food you may be consuming. First, why is so important in your weight loss efforts to reduce your toxic intake? Toxins trigger the physiological stress response. One of the countless negative effects of a chronic stress response is the production of stress hormones, like cortisol, that make you fat and make it harder for you to shed that fat. It’s pure physiology. Some of the biggest toxic offenders that will cause this vicious cycle to happen over and over again are: High fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners/flavors/colors, trans fats, hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated fats & oils, neurotoxins like MSG, autolyzed yeast & hydrolyzed vegetable protein, refined grains/flour, sugar, caffeine and a growing list of new synthetic ingredients. The most .mon types of foods we tend to find these dangerous ingredients in are: pop, juice drinks, sports drinks & energy drinks; junk food, fast food, convenience packaged snacks; cereal, crackers, bread, pasta, baked goods; fried foods and foods made with .mercial vegetable oils/fats; modern soy food; meat, eggs and dairy raised &/or produced with hormones, steroids, antibiotics, pasteurization, homogenization and from livestock not fed its natural diet. When you look at a list like this, and realize how much of it you may be consuming, it can feel pretty overwhelming. That’s why it’s critical to shift your focus to what you can control right now. It’s more empowering, more productive and more successful. Go back to adding more of the "good stuff". If more of your meals and snacks are based on pure and sufficient choices, you have less reason to worry about these toxic choices. That’s the easiest and smartest way to go about improving your diet. Yes, these toxins need to be reduced, at some point. If you’re not ready to cross some off your list just yet, that’s OK. The most important thing to do right now is to build health. Add more of the "good stuff"… more of the raw materials for health. Building better health isn’t about being perfect. It’s about making better choices, more consistently! About the Author: Dr. Colleen Trombley-VanHoogstraat ("Dr Mom Online") is a leading expert in Natural Health & Wellness. Her unique perspective and scientific understanding of Wellness, as well as her popular and engaging approach, provides simple solutions and transformational results for those struggling with stubborn weight loss and health issues. To discover her breakthrough approach to achieving better health AND a better body, go to healthy weight loss and fat loss Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: