Turning waste into Street animal sculpture as a marvel of environmental issues tda7294

The waste for inspiration to promote environmental protection issues in the streets of pitching amazing animal sculptures in life are, any simple materials through the ingenuity and originality of the creation of a powerful and unconstrained style, can have wonderful works of quenching. Portuguese street artist Bordalo II material is quite special: he used other people do not waste garbage sculpture! The iron fence on the weasel in order to create amazing and inspiring sculpture, he first became a colony, scavengers, from the waste dump, after collecting a lot of garbage everywhere, dismantling assembly, plastic into shape, covered with canvas and paint painted a beautiful appearance of animal sculpture. These animal sculpture not only its huge size, look all behave without fear nature, as in the increasingly threatened habitat. The body of the fox curled up in his creation process, has bred foxes, squirrels, pelicans, flamingos and other natural biological chameleon. His works are also in Portugal, Estonia and even the United states. When we find out that he has left his work for the city and the wonder of it, please do not forget the message of his work: it is time for humanity to awaken and change, to take the time for sustainable development. The creation of a ship abandoned pelicans, swim in the water like Yin on the surface of the mouse looks quite frightened, afraid you have no time to see the real squirrel appeared? Habitat increasingly reduced, the future is difficult to look at the huge size of the chameleon wild flamingo, eyes seems to tell the pollution of sadness. BordaloII, a street artist, promotes environmental awareness with works (source: KAIAK Author: Dingding)相关的主题文章: