Uncle spent 50 thousand to help her daughter to find the object of other conditions inconsistent ref-ssdao

Uncle spent 50 thousand to find the object the other conditions do not conform to the original title refund refused to help her daughter: spend 50 thousand and 2 for matchmaking for her daughter to find the object that organ cadres into leaving Uncle Wang spent 52000 yuan to help the forty year old daughter ordered Nanjing Huayuan Island marriage service matchmaking service company, the other is clearly required in-service cadres. The first date is the director’s daughter saw turnover. This matchmaking company introduced that some "not reliable", Uncle Wang proposed refund, informed of the results of deductible 30% of the total price, deduct 10 thousand yuan. Uncle Wang is not convinced. The jury found the Yangtse Evening Post consumer reporter survey, the matchmaking industry threshold is low, the lack of supervision of relevant service standards, many consumers have rights, the difficulty is not small. Yangzi Evening News reporter Song Nanfei Intern Liu Danni Li Yiwei marriage encounter anxiety: Uncle daughter forty, have a rely on ah Uncle Wang is more than and 70 years old this year, watching her daughter 40 years old still single is very anxious. He according to the advertising call is located in Nanjing Wanda Plaza is a flower island marriage services company. Uncle Wang said, the phone is a staff to marriage, immediately enthusiastically he said that their company is a professional marriage services company, Nanjing has a population of hundreds of thousands of local resources, materials complete, and all data is through the lawyer and public security for the record, absolutely reliable. Uncle Wang listened to some echocardiography, then went to the company, and put forward the requirements for the daughter to find the object, which is clear that the other party cadres. Listen to Uncle Wang’s daughter, matchmaking company staff said that they have a "marriage hunting marriage" quality service now, the price is 52000 yuan, can introduce 12 high-quality men, according to their previous experience, generally two to three times can be successful. Uncle Wang has been very exciting, but out of caution, he said he had to go back and discuss the family. First date: that good condition, this man does not meet Uncle Wang home and family some discussion, most people did not approve of his home to spend so much money for my daughter to find the object entrusted matchmaking. In Uncle Wang hesitated on the occasion, the matchmaking company continued to call and ask him to consider the results in WeChat. Can not stand the urge, Wang and the company signed a contract. Uncle Wang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter consumer jury column, before signing the contract, he to the matchmaking company staff made it clear that the matchmaking company must ensure accuracy date data, the other promised 11. The reporter saw Uncle Wang to produce signed data, the value of 52000 yuan of "service agreement", Wang Lao’s daughter became the matchmaking company "konkatsu" membership level, service is valid for one year. The service content, during which the matchmaking company will be king uncle’s daughter recommended appointment object no lower than 12. About ten days later, Uncle Wang finally waited for a blind date with her daughter asked to close. The matchmaking company staff told him, the man about 50 years old, is a provincial Kai machine相关的主题文章: