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Vacation want to take the baby to go on a journey, these travel common sense must know! Sohu tourism is planning a three out of travel? Take a look at these baby travel with little common sense, do a good job in tourism planning, spend a pleasant trip! With baby travel essential knowledge you still think that the child is too small, do not have to go out to see? In fact, the memory of children in a very early start, as long as more than 3 years will be on the places of memories, parents have the consciousness in the field to teach them, and help them through the photos after the recall, even three or four year old children can also benefit in the journey. How to choose a travel destination? The purpose of the trip is not to show off where we went, but the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery. So, it is important to choose the right destination. Choose a small 1 day tour: the surrounding science and Technology Museum, zoo, water world…… These specially designed for children, to stimulate their curiosity and fun. Tips: Mom and dad to actively participate in the process of playing the child inspired. 2-3 Tour: you can choose to walk around the city, villas, resorts, theme parks are a good choice. 5-7 Tour: plenty of time, should take the child to a long journey, travel a little free, you can arrange a reasonable time to spend time with the baby. Travel to eat. Bottle not lazy children eat snacks, fruit or milk baby and insulation Cup, can advance to the quantitative formula or solid milk in the bottle. The piece of short trips can produce their own convenience, if you are not accustomed to the local diet there is something to fill the belly. Wear a pair of comfortable travel choice the shoes are very important, can bring the slippers, especially to children. According to the stroke number carrying clothes, cold proof, UV sunscreen, very practical. The hot springs, water must bring swimsuit, fancy cute swimsuit, let the baby a second small adorable baby. Other conventional drugs: emergency kits, AIDS, the whole, defervescence patch yichangpill, flying man. The kids special toilet water repellent, especially to the rural villa, will bring enough. Diapers, baby wipes, paper towels. Plenty of plastic bags used to hold garbage and diapers off toys. Take some portable, small toys, children in a bad mood when humour, toys and a benefit that can be taken into the mirror according to Meng Meng Da beauty of the Select Hotel? Take the baby out of the first choice of parent-child Hotel, the room is big enough, some hotel rooms will also provide intimate baby seats and other supplies, the hotel’s children’s center there are a lot of children’s game activities and facilities. 5 the most important travel skills finally, travel will bring a good mood!!! No more travel skills than the same time with the baby happy winter vacation is coming, pay close attention to plan it up相关的主题文章: