Vedic Astrology Prediction Of Yoga And Particular

Yoga There are thousands of rules and combination which one has to master and specialize to get proficiency while giving predictions. Since there are many missing links and mousetraps, the general rules of this Science makes even sincere Astrologer stumble and miss the target. Late Sri H R Seshadri Iyer of Bangalore has found out certain very important secrets in the oriental Nadi writings of the past. First one should calculate Yogi, Avayogi and Dugdha Rasis and after that going to make any specific predictions. Then what is this Yogi and how to find the same and what is this Avayogi and methods to find the same? In Nitya Yogas there are 27 yogas from Vishkambha to Vaidhriti. There are two limbs of the day in Panchanga.One is Yoga and other is Tithi. According to Hindi Dictionary both have the specific meanings. Yoga means enlargement and Tithi means reduction. If you sum up the longitudes of the Sun and the Moon you get the yoga whereas if you deduct the longitude of the Sun from that of the Moon you will get Tithi. According to the Nadi principles all the limbs of the day, i.e. Vara, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana have the great significance while interpreting the horoscope. In our classical study of this Science we have understood that the addition of the longitude of the Sun and the Moon will give a Nakshatra and this Nakshatra is counted from Ashwini to know the number of the yoga. For example if the Moon’s Longitude is Bharani and since the number of the star from ashwini is two the yoga is 2nd yoga called Preeti. But the Nadi principle departs far from this principle and says that the Yoga number has to be counted from Pushya instead of Ashwini is summed up as follow: Take the longitude of the Sun and the Moon plus adds constant figure 3s-3-20′ (which is the starting point of Pushya Star and it is taken as first star of Vishkumbha and succeeding stars get the respective yogas). In other words the Nakshatra which we get after adding the longitude of the Sun, the Moon plus three signs three degrees and 20 minutes, should be counted from Pushya and the number gives the number of yoga. The star lord of that yoga is called as yogi and the 6th stellar lord from this yoga star is called as Avayogi. In Hindu vedic Astrology two planets Yogi and Avayogi play a very important role in predictive system . I even go further and say that it is a worthy breakthrough in predictive systems. Now, it is required to you for understand some more factors in understanding this system of analysis. The lord of the house wherein the yoga point falls is called as Saha Yogi (supporting planet to Yogi) and there are three planetary groups such as Guru, Chandra and Ketu (1), Surya, Budha and Rahu (2), and Shani Shukra and Kuja (3) which are subdivided by nine planets. It is for us to know in which planetary group the yogi planet falls. If the yogi planet falls in this group the other planets of that group become yoga like planets. The second group of planets will become Avayoga group and the third group becomes a Neutral group. In the same way if the yogi planet falls in 2nd group the 3rd group of planets become avayoga group of planets and vice versa and other group becomes neutral group. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: