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Venture capital favored blue chip material follow-up strategies to "retreat" national investment adviser: catch demon king contest peek shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Li Chao in October, the insurance agency of Listed Companies in the manufacturing industry related research focused on stocks, part of the company by multiple venture capital concern. The industry believes that the current market volatility situation is likely to continue, venture capital research has favored subject value and performance of listed companies are expected to improve, but in the specific operation will still be based on merit blue chip, and considering the growth of the individual subject to selection. Three of the Quarterly Bulletin of listed companies recently disclosed that 114 insurance funds account to overweight operation of listed companies, only 393 account new shares of listed companies, venture capital, financial and manufacturing preference for medicine, real estate sector obviously. Enter the four quarter, the insurance funds in the equity market once again moving the camera. Venture capital research preferences manufacturing class of October, the insurance company for listed companies continue to maintain a certain research heat, technology related listed companies to become winners. 47 listed companies to accept the investigation, at least 30 of the manufacturing industry based companies, covering the light and heavy industries. The rest of the company’s main business includes real estate, medicine, tourism, retail, media, etc.. An insurance agency survey said that the current market volatility situation is likely to continue, in the research process, has the theme of value and performance of listed companies may be expected to insurance institutions of all ages, but in the specific new or holdings of venture capital operation, will continue to consider the blue chip blue chip, and the growth of the individual subject to choose. Although there are opportunities for intervention in the equity market, but still need to exercise restraint of venture capital investment. Chinese Securities newspaper reporter from life China informed insiders, aspects of life China asset allocation structure, equity asset allocation ratio is about 18.65%, which accounted for 5.5% of shares, the fund accounted for 6.2% of financial products accounted for 3.6%, other financial products accounted for 3.1% of real estate investment 0.05%. The future will be concerned about the structural changes in the stock market, timely investment. Soochow securities analyst Ding Wentao believes that in the current low interest rate environment, high yield fixed income asset class and the lack of insurance liabilities side of the cost of capital has not yet begun to decline significantly, the huge pressure of asset allocation of insurance companies, and insurance face spread risk, insurance investment risk faced again. In the long run, venture capital continues to enhance equity assets (including H shares) and commercial real estate is still a big trend. Three quarterly show venture capital trends as of October 28th three quarterly disclosure of listed company information, insurance funds become the 916 listed companies in the top ten shareholders of tradable shares, sources of funds including traditional insurance products, dividends insurance, universal insurance and investment linked insurance accounts and trust fund management accounts. More than an insurance company overweight or new people, the Central Plains environmental protection, kibing group, Kailuan shares, radio and television networks and other stocks. Changes in positions, the 114 insurance funds account for the listed company to take the overweight operation. On 393 newly listed companies of insurance fund account相关的主题文章: