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Visit the selfless mother abandoned children with disabilities "Ya’an man" Wang Shufen Beijing daughter’s love to eat fried cabbage, came to school time she will be ahead of the dishes washed cut for her daughter to cook. Photo by Lv Yang daughter to teach Wang Shufen from the community to play chess backgammon after returning home from school every day to learn the mother and daughter are few. Lv Yang photo Ya’an, October, 23 (Xinhua) (Lv Yang) recently, the media reported that Sichuan’s with his broad maternal love, propped up a abandoned child’s life. Her great love has been renewed in her children. This kind of maternal love beyond the blood infects everyone. October 23rd, the reporter saw the 55 year old Wang Shufen. Wang Shufen in front of the tone of speech, delicate and soft, simple face full of love. Sitting on the bed with a hand massage to Wang Shufen is her daughter Yang Hengyi, the little girl saw the sun Frank personality, pure and pleasant appearance, it is hard to imagine that she was a foundling. "In September 30, 2007 the day I take out the trash, suddenly found a baby garbage, with very old cloth wrapped her, I took her home, the doll is disabled, the afternoon of 9 years ago, Wang Shufen on the scene at that time still visible before the eyes, she said at the time was very simple. Never thought that their children have the ability to put her up, or for the family will increase the number of affordable. Although the adopted child, but Wang Shufen has to take care of small Yi heng. Small Hengyi was held back only four pounds, in her well fed, a month long 6 pounds. See her daughter’s face ruddy up gradually, Wang Shufen and her husband very pleased. The arrival of Yang Hengyi (a pseudonym) also adds vitality to the family, although his daughter, Wang Shufen (a pseudonym) of Yang Hengyi also love with Canada, as his own. Usually, housework for her children, her husband working to earn money, although the economy is not well-off, but passable, four live in a plain happy life. "I had a daughter married, grew up in the field, was brought back home alone, the child has brought us happiness, I feel not alone", speaking of the child Wang Shufen was grinning from ear to ear, she also said that since her daughter to the home, she had a mahjong have not played out all the time to take care of her daughter, until now the children are still clinging to her at night to sleep together. Wang Shufen told reporters, in fact, around the relatives and friends have advised her to give up the child, but she did not give up the idea of stubborn. Hold to give children a healthy life of faith, in the past 9 years, Wang Shufen was reluctant to make a new dress, but Yang Hengyi to buy the best clothes and food to live frugally, let her go to school like normal children. Wang Shufen deeds so that people in the community are next door neighbours feel very touched, give her praise, her selfless also bring society brings more positive energy. Community staff told reporters, although the child was picked up outside, but Wang Shufen gave the child a very warm, full of warm family environment, so that her healthy growth, which allows)相关的主题文章: