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Want to have a Meng Meng Da’s daughter, the old mother – Sohu you must learn this original, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 a boy or girl before the topic, is to have a boy, but it is completely different. Now most people want to give birth to a girl, especially Baba who wants a Meng Meng Da’s daughter. Too many "daughter control" men want a cute, spoiled, loving daughter. Want to do a Meng Bao control, you can try the following trick oh. A: "alkali male acid female". We all know that food is acidic and alkaline, but you know what? The food of the acid and alkali to have a certain impact on children. There is a "basic male acid female" principle is to eat alkaline foods easy to give birth to boys, eat acidic foods easy to have a girl. Want to have a girl during pregnancy can eat meat (beef, pork, chicken), peanut, walnut, chocolate, onions, sugar, biscuits, sugar, egg, lobster, rice and wheat flour products, corn, sour fruits, fish and so on. Two: improve vaginal acidity. Want to give birth to female baby girls, can be in the same room before with warm water diluted acetic acid, then rinse the vagina, which can improve the vaginal acidity, let us in the girls on the road a step further. Three: try to avoid female orgasm. In the same time, when women enter the climax, alkaline will increase in vaginal, the probability that a boy is big. So, you want a girl, we should try to avoid the climax, Baba have to remember. Four: "light into the light" to a girl Baba to note that in the room when the "light into the light". When the light into the light ", Y sperm inside still need some distance, but this time will make a lot of sperm death Y. So there is a great probability of X sperm and egg binding, when the X sperm and egg binding, the formation of the XY fertilized eggs (female fertilized eggs). Five: increase the number. The girl to the preparation of pregnancy Baba hemp, can also be achieved by increasing the number of. When the real number increases, it can greatly reduce sperm Y. This is an X sperm, the probability we female baby was born. Dove wants to remind: female baby Baba, should not only pay attention to diet and exercise every day, oh, his best show. What about Baba Ma Ma, can tell dove oh.相关的主题文章: