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Data-Recovery The process of recovering data from a laptop hard drive is very difficult, and unfortunately it can also be very expensive for both private .puter users and .panies. The .panies that are able to offer notebook data recovery regularly charge over $1,000 per case. This is because a number of special tools are needed for notebook hard drive recovery, including a class 100 clean room, firmware repair equipment, and hundreds of other tools. While there’s not much that a person can do to .pletely eliminate the cost of laptop hard drive data recovery without creating backups, it’s very possible to cut down the cost of the notebook data recovery process significantly. There are several ways to ac.plish this. Notebook hard drive recovery is a very .petitive field, and many .puter owners find it easy to cut down on costs simply by .paring prices between .panies. However, it’s important to realize that data recovery .panies differ in ability; a good notebook hard drive recover .pany should at the very least have the aforementioned class 100 clean room. This is a special room with advanced filtration systems designed to eliminate the risk of platter contamination, which is a serious problem that can affect notebook hard drives when physical data recovery work is being performed. It’s also a good idea to do some general research on a data recovery .pany before selecting them, taking time to look at the .pany’s customer testimonials and client list. Another way to decrease the cost of laptop hard drive recovery is to avoid any actions that could cause additional damage to the drive. Don’t keep a damaged hard drive running for any reason, as this can cause damage to the data-storing platters of the drive. At the first sign of serious data loss, immediately shut the device down and resist the urge to power it on again. Package it very carefully before shipping it to a notebook data recovery lab .Use at least three inches of non-static bubble wrap, and try to locate an anti static bag for shipping. This will prevent damage to the electronics board of the hard drive. Harddrive data recovery .panies often offer discounts to some of their customers, and identifying these discounts can make a huge difference. Ask if the data recovery .pany offers educational, military, public service, or non-profit discounts if you work in any of these fields. You should ask about discounts regardless of whether or not the data on the hard drive is related to your occupation. As mentioned earlier, data recovery .panies are extremely .petitive, and there’s a good chance that a customer service representative will jump at the chance to offer you a low-cost policy. Finally, negotiate with data recovery providers. Point out .petitor quotes, and have all of the relevant information about the laptop drive ready, including failure scenario and a list of the important files on the disk. Negotiating will be easier if you’re prepared for the process, and you’ll greatly cut the cost of data recovery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: