West Street, Chang’an Avenue, the first quasi property management to do their own care like the city-crycry

West Street Chang’an Avenue first quasi property management as the management of the new network take care of my own garden city – in the morning of October 28th, with the street "quasi property management and" harmonious and livable demonstration area of exploration and practice of engineering release ceremony held at the Imperial Palace in Xihua, from Xicheng District West gate square, Chang’an Avenue street first "management of the main law enforcement body + + service subject" condominium open block co governance of quasi property management mode fully open. It is understood that the model seeks to manage the government’s urban management, public services and property management company transformation, combined with the transformation of services to meet the diverse needs of the protection of the interests of residents. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Ran correspondent Cao Lei open property management model of The Strip is located in the hinterland of the political capital of North and South core area, east of Zhongshan Park and the Imperial Palace and Zhongnanhai west wall, adjacent to the north to Wenjin street. The cottage area in the region, residents living conditions are relatively poor, the lack of professional property management services. At the same time, this is close to the the Imperial Palace and Zhongshan Park, Yourenruzhi, during the year "eleven" golden week average daily flow of people reached more than 200 thousand people, the annual passenger traffic up to 5 million passengers. As the north-south direction in the Tiananmen area traffic artery, traffic flow, intensive drive is bringing huge profits in the market, every year 5 to October daily average of about 150 times the black car, black three, mount the contacts passenger, in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace showmanship black tour guide about 80 daily passengers, sporadic small ads daily about personnel there are more than 30 people, about 100 people daily peddlers. All along, the region’s environmental and order management remediation task is arduous, the masses are also very strong. "Take care of my own garden like city like to take care of, according to the relevant person in charge of the street, North and south of The Strip due to the special geographical location, has the characteristic of" superposition + focus on the street Pingfang District, which has great difference with the simple cottage area "quasi property management" or "old residential property management, so quasi" to implement block management has brought great difficulties. In August this year, the West Street of Chang’an Avenue through the research exploration, try to implement the management of the main law enforcement body + + service subject "in the city management on the management of governance structure, form open blocks unique quasi property management mode. To achieve the seamless joint law enforcement in practice, on the one hand, the street use law enforcement service and the power of the masses to establish linkage mechanism to effectively solve the problem of law enforcement, cohesion policy is not blind, lack of strength, weak supervision, make great breakthrough in order and environmental remediation street. On the other hand, the actual situation in the open street, by way of government procurement of services to the introduction of the property company, the property management into blocks of governance and service, in order to effectively government city management and public services and property management companies in transition, service transformation together, and strive to meet the various needs of residents. Interest. In the process of urban management, the streets have no enforcement power, must rely on law enforcement departments. At the same time, the property company on behalf of social forces, the city management process in the presence of software and hardware facilities such as software and hardware issues, inadequate enforcement of auxiliary forces, social problems.相关的主题文章: