Who did Van Gogh cut his ears for ca1810

The Vatican, high exactly because who cut off his ears? A self portrait · cut behind the ear; high cut ear is self mutilation of the most prestigious art history, he made the decision but accurate motive remains a mystery. Just for the sake of love? Is it out of envy? Or origin in anger? After more than a century, the mystery has not yet been solved. A new about his research in Provence, the terror of the ears is actually decided by the Vatican because of high · his brother Theo – his most loyal friends and supporters of economic stimulus. The study questioned the popular theory that the Vatican cut ear in high · and Gauguin a fierce argument with a razor cut off his ear. The study found that, after a whirlwind of swift a romantic affair for marriage, van · high was the younger brother of the sudden marriage frustrated, because it may be a threat to the relationship between the brothers, will let the theo family responsibilities, and thus can not continue to subsidize struggling, at that time, has not sold a painting of the Vatican high ·. In previous studies, it is generally believed that a high · we know the marriage hearing in Theo cut ear after. However, the author Martin Bailey in his new book, "the studio" in the south, but cited a series of evidence to explain the Vatican high · must be in a letter sent in December 23, 1888, on the Sunday that his wedding. On the night of Brahma · and Gauguin did have quarrel, the day, two people were trapped in the non-stop rain in the studio. Gaug was ready to leave, and to return to Paris to threaten the Vatican high ·. But Bailey believes that stimulation of Brahma · despair is not high; but his brother Gauguin, getting married. Theo’s letter is not only 100 francs, and a message: two weeks ago he met an old friend Jo Bonger, before Jo had rejected his proposal, but this time, in less than a week, she promised. Bailey believes Theo has written to her mother to agree to their marriage, while Jo has written to her brother, and her brother in December 23rd has delivered a congratulatory telegram. At the same time, also wrote a letter to his brother Theo van · high. Get married also in 23, was sent to the famous Arles yellow house. Vatican · high in Arles rented a hotel, because of its wall painted yellow, so called "yellow house". Cut off the ears with a razor, a high · a lot of blood, but he wrapped his ears to the paper, he frequented brothels. There he gave the ear to a young woman he knew. In another book about the Vatican · high book, author Bernadette Murphy believes that the woman is not a prostitute, but there be a servant of a local farmer’s daughter. Murphy.相关的主题文章: