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Wuzhen think-tank artificial intelligence report: China related patents exceeded the number of United States of Wuzhen think tank director Zhang Xiaodong Phoenix Technology News   November 2nd news, the first Chinese wisdom Valley Conference on artificial intelligence and Industry Forum held in Nanjing yesterday. At the meeting, Zhang Xiaodong, chairman of the Wuzhen think tank delivered a keynote speech, introduced by the Wuzhen think tank released the global artificial intelligence development report. According to Zhang Xiaodong introduction, the United States is still the leader of the industry as a whole, but at the same time, said Zhang Xiaodong, Europe and China’s artificial intelligence industry is also very rapid development. Artificial intelligence industry in the United States is mainly concentrated in the Silicon Valley high-tech areas, but the rapid development of domestic artificial intelligence in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen has also become the fastest growing region. In terms of the number of artificial intelligence patents, China has made great progress in artificial intelligence patents, over the past three or four years has surpassed the United states. But in Japan, the number of artificial intelligence patents fell slightly. Zhang Xiaodong said that artificial intelligence is actually a cross discipline, in addition to computer science, but also related to psychology, mathematics, philosophy, engineering, biology, etc.. In which machine learning and natural language understanding are on the rise. In addition, in the whole artificial intelligence industry, the robot is still the focus of attention in this industry fire. In the study of artificial intelligence in the University, the development of institutions in Asia in this area is very rapid, domestic schools in three years ago, the total number of papers has begun to exceed the United states. But if the reference number and the number of references, mentioned the influence of individual papers, foreign influence is still slightly higher. University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University in the field of artificial intelligence is very high. (Wang Rui)相关的主题文章: