Xi’an, a company losing half of 20 million to sell the Beijing suite will receive a total of $26 mil-yvette yates

Xi’an, a loss of 20 million yuan a year to sell the company’s Beijing suite will be the latest news of the recent sale of the real estate market, the emergence of three. 27 evening, headquartered in Xi’an, the day and Defense announced that it will sell the company is located in Beijing, the three sets of real estate. The total valuation of these three sets of real estate is not less than 26 million 300 thousand yuan. According to the announcement, the sale of three suites, located near the North Fourth Ring Road, Beijing. 28, the Beijing News reporter visited the house where found, marked by the day and defense announcement number, unable to find the room. In addition, to assess the value of day and defense to hang out, also lower than the market price. The announcement information with the actual situation according to the discrepancy of days and the defense of the announcement, the sale of three houses, namely: Beijing Chaoyang District Beichen Road 69, 19 floor 1 unit 2201, No. 69 Beichen West Road, 19 floor 1 unit 2202 No. 6 Chaoyang District North Fourth Ring Road; Huating Garden Block C 2 room 204. Yesterday, the Beijing News reporter visited the site of the above property. Where the property of the residential location, not far north is one of the landmarks of Beijing Pangu, the bird’s nest distance is about one or two kilometers. Among them, Beichen West Road, building 69, also known as the "peak of Huating". It is not in accordance with the numbers 1, 2 units, but in accordance with the order of A to D. Reporters visited all the units were not found 1 units, also found no sign of the 19 floor, room 2201, 2202. Later, the Beijing News reporter found in the A block 22 days and defense Beijing optoelectronic technology branch. A staff member said he did not understand the company’s real estate, the current day and defense Beijing branch operating normally, without any impact, the company has not received notice of moving away". In addition, according to the staff, at present, they are mainly in the 2202 room office, room 2201 in an idle state. Day and defense in Huating Jiayuan housing, also appeared in the house registration error problem. Reporters in Huating garden C block 2 layer, and did not find room 204. One resident said, "there is no room 204 as there may be 02-D". Real income may be more than the company expected the day and defense announcement shows that it on three sets of house price for the 69 Beichen West Road No. 19 floor 1 unit 2201 of not less than 6 million 800 thousand yuan, 2202 of not less than 12 million 500 thousand yuan, Chaoyang District No. 6 North Fourth Ring Road, Huating Garden Block C 2 Room 204 of not less than 7 million yuan. According to the announcement, three real estate construction area is 221.59 square meters, respectively, and 156.58 square meters of 405.1 square meters. So calculated down, 2201 of the price of $30687 per square meter, the price of 2202 yuan per square meter, the price of the room is 44706 yuan per square meter of 204. Beijing News reporter through the chain of home network query listings that day and defense to hang out the price of the house, to be a lot lower than the market price now. Among them, Beichen Road No. 69 for the peak area of Huating, built in 2000 to 2004, the second-hand housing price is 40 thousand yuan – 50 thousand square meters; Huating garden house, Chinese Academy of Sciences Experimental School Affiliated School counterparts, the lowest price.相关的主题文章: