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Yancheng men arrested for drunk driving hit five car   blood alcohol content exceed the standard 3 times — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: five car hit man involving drunk driving blood alcohol content exceed the standard 3 times yesterday afternoon, the Yancheng evening news reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment accident brigade was informed that the traffic accident case in November 25 Japanese newspaper A08 published "man suspected of drunk driving Lianzhuang 5 cars", the police investigation has been new progress, the perpetrators of Wang’s blood samples by the Municipal Public Security Bureau of forensic identification department, his blood alcohol content of up to 263.8? 100ml (drunk driving standard is 80? 100ml), 3.29 times the drunk driving standard. "When we went to the hospital to talk to Wang, he admitted that he had dinner with his friends in the evening of November 24th, during which he had two glasses of wine." City traffic police detachment accident handling brigade Deputy captain Deng Qijun told the Yancheng evening news reporter. Why Lianzhuang 5 car vehicle was able to control? Wang said at the time was in a drunken state, the brain a blank, lost control of the vehicle. A strong impact force that Wang driving Audi cars in front of two airbags fully open and damaged, Wang hit the face, nose fracture, is currently being treated in hospital. According to Deng Qijun, the suspected drunk driving traffic accident, the perpetrators Wang bear full responsibility for the accident damaged 6 car maintenance costs 200 thousand yuan, because Wang is drunk driving, the insurance company can not claim, losses will be borne by the individual wang. In addition, Wang was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and traffic accidents, will face criminal penalties. (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: