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Yangzhou Ferris wheel stuck 138 tourists trapped in the air for 40 minutes – Beijing incident: hundreds of tourists stranded in the air on the evening of August 28th, Ms. Meng took the children to the park to play Yangzhou, the ride in the 60 metre wheel, a sudden strike". It was 7:48, the ferris wheel stopped in mid air does not move, "Ms. Meng told reporters, when there are four or five people in her own car," the car is at the top of west." 4 minutes later, she released a video in WeChat circle of friends Tucao, now it’s our turn, but also the top." "The ferris wheel car was closed, I was a little afraid of heights, just half an hour feels dizzy, chest tightness. After a while, we found a window on the top." At 8:40 in the evening, Ms. Meng micro letter said, "the radio said we please wait me in the air has been waiting for nearly an hour." Including Ms. Meng, there are hundreds of tourists trapped in the air. At that turn faster recovery after the incident, the fire emergency rescue personnel rushed to the scene. Witnesses told reporters that firefighters arrived, the wheel was stuck slowly began to turn up, and then some tourists rescued. We think that the ferris wheel to return to normal, just to breathe, but had let people more scared of things, "it suddenly turned up very quickly, the speed is normal speed several times, really scary!" Ms. Wang said the tourists, was trapped people scared suddenly screamed". Ms. Meng told reporters, in the evening at 8:46, feeling the ferris wheel slowly began to move, "which is coming to know when the ferris wheel down, quickly turn up, turn a small half circle." Survey: allegedly caused by power outages, then the ferris wheel began to turn back, firefighters rescued us down." Ms. Meng said, when she looked at the time, at 9:15 in the evening, she was trapped on the ferris wheel for up to 1 hours and 27 minutes. When she came down, other trapped tourists have been rescued. Reporter then get in touch with Yangzhou paradise. A female staff member said that hundreds of tourists have all been safely rescued, no casualties, probably in 40 minutes after the accident, it has all come down." For tourists who are said to be trapped for 1 hours and 27 minutes, the staff said, "not so long." It is understood that there were 138 people on the Ferris wheel. When a reporter asked when the incident, when tourists rescued, the staff did not respond, then hung up the phone. Public information, Yangzhou park is currently the largest amusement park in Yangzhou, opened in October last year. It is understood that the tourists were rescued after the park to make compensation, the day ticket visitors can free change, if still not satisfied, you can refund. Informed sources said the ferris wheel is a sudden power outage caused by. For the cause of the accident, the zoo said it would like to wait for the official findings, temporarily not respond. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. According to modern express Zang Xiaosong相关的主题文章: