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You have spent twenty years of the bull, and now to a higher with millet Jack Ruan Liping, chairman of the bulls, bulls, everyone’s first reaction is the socket. But even a simple socket, and now the market also has millet, HUAWEI mobile phones into the big brother. In the traditional areas of hard work more than and 20 years of bull, and how these Internet companies are competing? In order to seek a breakthrough in transition, this year, the bull made a digital boutique strategy, will focus on the USB digital products, and has launched a digital fast charging accessories and other products. An apple charging line, what technical content? The difficulty with the soft test GIF to answer this question is that the data line is a daily use of life items, take up as if you can see through their structure. Open Taobao and Jingdong, more than a dozen dollars from a few dollars, the difference seems not great. Is not the charge, what do you want? In fact, in addition to charging, we also need to be able to stabilize the transmission of the data line, there is a security chip is Apple Certified, voltage and current stability does not damage the battery, of course, it does not need to explode! What kind of data lines can achieve this quality? For ordinary users, one of the most important criteria to confirm the quality of Apple accessories is that the product has been MFi certification, which is recognized by Apple’s official Made For iOS. So is the bull. Internal technical staff told Phoenix Technologies, bull data line only with component suppliers from Apple’s official original gilded terminal head, built-in Apple authentication chip, to ensure product quality and specifications and the same as the original apple line, Apple Corp after strict examination, the quality of each line are back. "The same two apple line, apple chip will be more than $two, has not done! If imitation is probably a few cents. So the original apple includes the entire line, we are also identified after the assessment, there will be no mismatch." Ruan Liping joked that the only worry is that users spend too much time. Bend test GIF thanks to the millet outlet, open the door of the bull new world, I would like to thank millet." In the interview, Nguyen Ping Ping accidentally talked about the relationship between the bull and millet. In fact, millet do USB socket as early as 2010 appeared in the bull’s production line, but was regarded as a traditional home appliances to take electricity equipment, did not set off waves in the digital field. With the expansion of millet in the ecological chain, the bull has entered its vision. According to internal staff said that the bull, bull and millet also once insiders approached OEM socket matters, but according to the company’s practice, if you can’t learn from OEM enterprises to more advanced technology, do OEM just to earn money, have no meaning for the company. Then millet ecological chain company launched green rice chaxianban attracted everyone’s attention. Although in the bull’s own products in process and quality are the first in the industry, but the Internet thinking millet socket caused by the boom or get the attention of Ruan Liping, he began to think about the next step in the bull. "It (millet) this kind of product with heat, sales are very good, but it is the customer base of young people, we can not reach.".相关的主题文章: