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Yunnan Binchuan: melon fruit fragrance – Book Beijing, Beijing, Dali, October 25, (Luo Zhonghua) this year, just more than a month graduated from Huazhong Normal University, Geng Wenxiang to Binchuan County Daying Town wa Xi primary school education, he said that he has been in love with the school reading atmosphere here, perhaps the future will always be here. Geng Wenxiang is Binchuan county "to promote children’s reading, the first full-time teaching construction of Scholarly Campus" action plan project teacher. Yunnan Binchuan County under the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, with tropical resources richly endowed by nature known as the "natural greenhouse," and "hot treasure" reputation, "China orange township" and "China grape", "Chinese citrus base" and "China pollution-free fruits and vegetables ten counties". Campus construction of Binchuan county is a response to the "advocate universal reading, construction of scholarly society" call, in support of the people’s education press and Shanghai surexam public fund, launched in November 2015 to promote children’s reading, the construction of Scholarly Campus "action plan project, plans to use three years of time, so that the county primary school to achieve the project implementation requirements. In the eyes of Geng Wenxiang, WA Xi primary school library completely contrary to his expectations, and even some fine, especially the students’ reading motivation and the book reading rate is very high, every time open library becomes an important place for students to extracurricular activities. Geng Wenxiang every day in addition to the library of daily management and guidance, but also teaching each class every Monday day reading, according to different grade of different guide books. At present, the Binchuan County Campus Library Bibliography, is by the people’s education press has recommended the selection to the deputy governor of Binchuan attachment to the preschool education Dr. Wang Lin, Wang Lin is a Binchuan scholar campus construction founder and promoter. Daying Town Center School Principal Pu Guiyong said proudly, the wa Xi elementary school reading atmosphere has been formed in the Shanghai surexam Charity Foundation Chairman Li Tongxin’s support, a total of 6613 books, 27 per capita, according to the requirements of the project will increase the annual per capita 1 volumes of books, both with the children’s age is also consistent with reading the rural juvenile reading characteristics of low starting point, great difficulty. Every day after school students in the school can read, also can take the book home and read together with parents, this is also the Scholarly Campus "home school association" the way of reading, reading in Chinese teaching, the next step of teaching will have a great impact. This group of children can be nurtured on the basis of this project, fell in love with reading, for the future to enter junior high school, high school laid the foundation of reading, reading will change their lives. The picture shows the bag in each classroom. Photo by Luo Zhonghua according to the Binchuan County Campus Construction Plan, the opening time of school library every day not less than 2 hours. Located in Binchuan County, the two school buildings and facilities of Taurus, the entire county environment is first-rate, in addition to the library in the school corridor, public areas are equipped with a bookshelf, corner space, set up a book corner, create a scholarly atmosphere, and promote students’ autonomous management, credit access, set up the book "reading can damage, not lying down to sleep" concept, let the book)相关的主题文章: