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Zhang Dejiang and the Russian Federation committee chairman Matvey Janko held talks – Politics – people.com.cn Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Yang Yijun) in September 9, the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang 9 in the Great Hall of the people and the Russian Federation committee chairman Matvey Janko held talks. Zhang Dejiang said, in the lead of President Xi Jinping and President Putin’s political strategy, both China and Russia firmly support each other, mutual economic as the main priority international partners, close coordination, become an important safeguard international justice forces construction. The two heads of State met a few days ago during the Hangzhou summit of the group of twenty leaders, to further deepen the Sino Russian political and strategic mutual trust, cooperation between the two countries to inject new impetus in various fields. China is willing to work with Russia to work together, the "Treaty of good neighborly friendship and cooperation between China and Russia signed the 15 anniversary and the 20 anniversary of the establishment of strategic partnership as an opportunity to vigorously promote the Sino Russian friendship concept, to promote greater development of Sino Russian relations at a high level. Zhang Dejiang said that the Legislative Council is an important part of China Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation. China’s National People’s Congress is willing to work together with the Russian Federation conference, the implementation of the important consensus reached between the two heads of state from the parliamentary level. First, we will continue to firmly support each other’s efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, deepen political mutual trust between the two countries and enhance friendship between the two peoples. The two is based on the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries, especially the "in-depth discussion The Belt and Road" construction and the construction of the Eurasian Economic Union Cooperation docking, to provide reliable legal protection for pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. Three is to actively promote local cooperation, give full play to the unique advantages of the legislature, and actively promote cooperation in Northeast China, Russia and other regions in the East, the two countries to build a platform for local economic and trade, investment, and other fields of cooperation. The four is to deepen in the inter Parliamentary Union Council and other multilateral framework of cooperation, strengthening parliamentary exchanges and cooperation in the BRIC countries, the SCO, the twenty G20 and other multilateral mechanisms, from the common council level vocal force, safeguard the common interests of the two countries. Matvey Janko said that under the joint efforts of both sides, the Sino Russian friendship deeply rooted among the two countries reached a new height. With the continuous development of the relations between Russia and China, the importance of cooperation between the legislature is becoming more and more prominent. The Russian Federation conference will continue to maintain close contact with the National People’s Congress Chinese, carry out rich and diverse forms of exchanges and mutual learning, strengthen coordination in multilateral parliamentary occasions, to carry forward and make greater contributions to the Sino Russian friendship. After the talks, Matvey Janko on behalf of Russian President Putin to the Russian National Friendship medal awarded to the president of the Republic of China, the United States in. NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman and Secretary General Wang Chen attended the above activities. (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: