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Zhang Yishan ancient costume a return to liberation? Net friend: a look is acting to send text: Xiong Xiaoyao go acting is not always don’t care about the outside world to its appearance evaluation! For example: Zhang Yishan. Zhang Yishan "sins" that now more than igneous in micro-blog style, or a rough man flying self. Zhang Yishan is not so heavy black eye beauty figure black rim of the eye is still funny funny funny than brush the entire screen of the entire screen! Your mountain is really not a care value of blue paper. Mask but don’t see Zhang Yishan all the uninhibited love from black, if really handsome is toxic ah! The magazine photo photo magazine called her husband kneel yesterday he attended the new movie "getaway" release conference. There are users in it, I feel more and more handsome Zhang Yishan. Users boast Zhang Yishan sunshine clean boy’s sense of both. A little fatter and more beautiful. The scene of the activities of the scene side Yan yan. Elmar! There is a second to! Side Yan recent airport photos are also good oh. See dressed herself up down down down the airport according to airport after all is to start as my idol drama person in the 23333333333 screenshot micro-blog but that after that, today you see the mountain to attend "Chonger conference". Yan values back to the night before liberation you actually played hard mountain costume drama, but a form… To feel down down down event event event fans don’t hit me, even if there are filters or feel frightened to eat melon masses: a look that is acting! Heard that the conference site is particularly hot, and then Zhang Yishan stomach trouble. It is not intentionally concave expression, it may be very hot stomach pain hot hot Zhang Yishan: Baby bitter heart! However, Hong Kong, Zhang Yishan in the "sin" before the fire, the resources really cry. The play he played the male three, then was a villain (reporter, Zhang Yishan,) the male stills in the drama, really do not know. Just look at the face. Male Lord embarrassed, almost as Liu Zichen manual @ eye Liu Zichen female principal is the owner of the house of the Lord, is the main character of the world. Zhang Hanyun and the other is the elegant grand opera lineup also very interesting collocation… In addition to the above, there are: Pu Bajia, Gan Tingting, and then the, then, and then the next step is to get rid of… Shen Mengchen Shen Mengchen really mix?! Not explain. Finally look forward to Zhang Yishan in the drama… Acting! He is the villain should be the man with a sense of the Zhang Yishan stay tuned for more exciting content @ Sina micro plastic [micro-blog]相关的主题文章: